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Name of Employee Nominated:

Department or Unit:

Name of Individual Completing Form:

Department or Unit:

When nominating your fellow staff employee, consider ways in which this individual exceeds expectations of their role in their position. Consider including one or more of the following criteria in your written nomination.

Outstanding contribution in one or more of the following areas:

Service, dedication, professionalism, and compassion in dealing with internal or external publics (students, faculty, staff, and community) that inspires an overall sense of belonging and leads to a welcoming campus environment.

Promotion of significant campus values including teamwork, pluralism, respect and understanding, and long-standing service to the campus community.

Contribution towards more efficient or productive operations including money-saving ideas, exceptional fiscal responsibility, or improving the quality of service.

Accomplishments through campus work assignments that contribute to the success of California State University, Sacramento and/or its auxiliaries in the community either directly or through significant support of others from the campus.

Additional Comments: