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Staff Employee Recognition Program: UNIVERSITY


  • All California State University, Sacramento staff members regardless of classification or time base, are eligible both to nominate and to receive recognition.
  • There is a qualifying period of one (1) year of campus service before becoming eligible for this recognition.


  • Outstanding contribution in one or more of the following areas:

    Service, dedication, professionalism, and compassion in dealing with internal or external publics (students, faculty, staff, and community) that inspires an overall sense of belonging and leads to a welcoming campus environment.

    Promotion of significant campus values including teamwork, pluralism, respect and understanding, and long-standing service to the campus community.

    Contribution toward more efficient or productive operations including money-saving ideas, exceptional fiscal responsibility, or improving the quality of service. 

    Accomplishments through campus work assignments that contribute to the success of California State University, Sacramento in the community either directly or through significant support of others from the campus.

Nomination Procedures: University Employees

  • To initiate nominating a staff employee of the University for this recognition, complete the form which may be found at the Office of Facilities Management, the University Enterprises Director’s Office (Bookstore Administration Room 3200), the Office of the Director of the University Union (University Union 3005), or the Office of Human Resources (Sacramento Hall 259).  You may also submit a form electronically at
  • When nominating a University employee, please describe why you think this individual exceeds expectations in their performance and contributions to the University.  Your written narrative, with examples, is limited to two (2) pages and should address how the nominee’s performance meets the criteria.
  • It is anticipated one or more employees will be honored each month.  The quantity of nominations received and quality of the pool will dictate the number.  These will be a combination of State and Auxiliary employees.
  • Nominations for University employees should be sent to the President’s Office either electronically or as a hard copy.  The Vice Presidents will review nominations for University employees and recommend finalists to the President with a decision made by the President.  All nominations will be treated confidentially and will remain a part of the pool until either the individual is selected or the conclusion of the academic year.


  • Reserved parking for the month in one of several lots (employee’s choice).
  • Letter from the President.
  • Certificate.
  • His or her picture on the President’s Employee Recognition webpage.
  • Announcement in the Sacramento State Bulletin—the weekly campus newsletter for faculty and staff.

General Principles

  • Decision is not dependent on the number of nominations received for a particular individual.
  • Decision is not based upon the quality of writing skills demonstrated by the nominating party.  Rather, it is on the accomplishments of the nominee.
  • The personnel file and current HEERA manager support recognition as “Employee of the Month.”
  • Nominations may be made by staff, faculty, students, managers, auxiliary employees, or individuals from the community

Staff Employee Recognition Nomination Form