Chris Kent   

B.A. History (2012)
M.A. Public History (in progress)
Expected Graduation Year: Spring of 2014

What is your favorite part about working at the PRIDE Center?
My favorite part about working at the PRIDE Center is interacting with the Queer Community. My time here has been an eye opening experience. I love meeting all the different individuals in the community and learning about their experiences.

What is something unique that you bring to the PRIDE Center team?
I think I bring a unique eagerness to learn. Coming into the PRIDE Center, I feel like I was a blank slate. I had, had some of my own experiences with the Queer Community, but none like I have in the time I’ve been with the center. I know this has helped me become a better resource for other Queer students on campus.

What do you think is the most useful resource or service the PRIDE Center provides, and why?
Classroom panels have got to be one of the best things the PRIDE Center does. They educate on Queer issues and change attitudes, behaviors, and maybe even opinions, whole classrooms at a time. Another resource we have, that I think is fantastic, is our library! It has a ton of books on a ton of different topics.

What is your favorite on-campus restaurant and what do you order?
I hate to admit it, but I have to say…Burger King! Gotta love the value menu! I almost allllllways order a spicy chicken sandwich and a side salad with honey mustard dressing. BEST MEAL EVER.

What is your favorite sport, and why?
Oh this is easy: Tennis. I have never really been into any other sport. I got into it when I was 15 and I played every day twice a day. I ended up being pretty good. I went to a billion pro tennis tournaments…I was obsessed! But then I grew up and could no longer play every day twice a day. But I still play some and still watch pro tennis on TV.

What was your favorite birthday gift?
My trampoline. Hands down. I made my parents assemble it that night, when it was freezing. And I used it until it died.

What was your favorite childhood cartoon/TV show?
My favorite show was the Power Rangers! I was always a fan of Tommy, i.e. the White and Green Ranger. He should have been the leader of the Rangers from the beginning.