Sarah Sheefel 

Sarah Sheefel

Major: Sociology
Expected Graduation Year: Spring of 2013

What is your favorite part about working at the PRIDE center?
My favorite part about working at the PRIDE Center is being able to connect with students in the LGBT community. I also like doing panels- putting a face to our stories and I enjoy talking to people about the pride center when they ask about my safe zone sticker on my water bottle.

What do you think is the most useful resource the PRIDE center provides and why?
I think the most useful resource at the PRIDE Center is it is a safe space for members in the LGBT community. Students can come in and feel safe and receive support from other students on campus.

What is your favorite on-campus restaurant and what do you order?
Togos for sure. I order the number 3 turkey and cheese sandwich. The Swiss cheese is so good with the peppers and honey mustard.

What is your favorite sport and why?
My favorite sports would be basketball and running. Basketball was my whole life from elementary school to freshman year of college, hitting 3’s in opponent’s faces was always awesome. But now running is pretty much all I do. I just finished my first half marathon this summer and loved it. Runner’s high is the best and finishing and feeling so strong is amazing!

What was your favorite birthday gift?
My favorite birthday gift was when I turned 16 and I got my jeep wrangler. My dad got it for me as my first car. My friends and I would drive around town with the top off blasting music. We would go off  roading where it definitely wasn’t allowed. There were tons of laughs and good times in the jeep.