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PRIDE Week is celebrated every Spring Semester, in April. There will be an event every day that week. Check back for a calendar of events in Spring 2014.

Guess Who's Gay?

Guess Who’s Gay has been on the campus for quite a long time. This event features a panel of individuals who identify with one of four sexual orientations: Straight, Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual. The audience is invited to ask the panelists questions and then make assumptions about panelists' sexual orientations based on the answers. The idea is that during the event, we can break down stereotypes by stereotyping. And it seems to work, as the audience only guessed 3 of the 12 panelists correctly last year.

This event happens every Fall Semester. Check back for the Fall 2013 date and time.

Safe Zone Trainings

Safe Zone Trainings are offered as needed and availability permits. Call 916-278-8720 or email to set up a training date and time.

Safe Zone trainings offer an introduction into the LGBIQQA community. Participants will gain knowledge in the areas of terminology resources, history, societal experiences and being an ally as they apply to the LGBT community. Participants are required to attend two different two hour sessions for trainings. Trainings are open to all students, faculty and staff of Sacramento State.

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Chris and Tyler modeling the new PRIDE Week T-Shirts.

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