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Spring 2017 has passed quickly, but you may find many of our materials and handouts uploaded here to our page. This summer will conclude the 2016-2017 assessment reporting cycle. OAPA will be diligent in responding to all inquiries and issues that may come up. Please contact us for assistance.



Welcome to our Office

One of the core goals in Sacramento State's Strategic Plan is to improve student success by improving recruitment, retention, and graduation rates.

As the office charged with facilitating assessment of student learning, The Office of Academic Program Assessment contributes to this goal by helping faculty gather and use evidence of what and how well students are learning to enhance teaching.

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Annual Assessment and Executive Summaries

To view assessment reports and feedback,
please select an assessment cycle year (12-13, 13-14, etc.)
under Annual Assessment to the left. See the top of each
Annual Assessment page for summaries.


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The Logic of Assessment:

  1. Meet with faculty to discuss assessment procedure,
  2. Help faculty compile program reports,
  3. Assess evidence of student learning,
  4. Provide expert consultation,
  5. Develop teaching methods,
  6. Students learn better,
  7. More students want to come to Sac State,
  8. More students stay after they arrive, and
  9. More students graduate.

As a by-product of assessment activity, a warrant to teach provided through accreditation is earned; the public trust is maintained and strengthened. This website offers information about assessment on the Sac State campus as well as information about the broader context for assessment in higher education.


Recent News

During the semester, consultants every week to discuss the organization of the assessment template and guidelines; to prepare meaningful and helpful workshops to assist faculty in the assessment process; and to plan to meet with deans and chairs to find out what faculty needs to make this an easy and clear system of assessment. Here are some of our latest updaets:


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