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Assessment Plan

Learning Goals



The Graduate Program

The Master of Arts in Sociology requires completion of thirty (30), units of course work including a Master's Thesis or Project, with a minimum 3.0 grade point average. An outline of degree requirements follows:

Required Core Courses (15 units)

Sociology 200A Orientation to Graduate Studies in Sociology and the Profession 1 unit
Sociology 200B Prospectus/Proposal Preparation Seminar 2 units
 Sociology 215 Data Analysis (Soc 100 or equivalent or instructor permission) 3 units
 Sociology 216 Research Methods 3 units
 Sociology 235 Social Psychology 3 units
 Sociology 240 Seminar: Sociological Theory 3 units

Additional Courses Chosen from the Following Graduate Seminars
(9 units)
 Sociology 210 Seminar: Urban Sociology 3 units
Sociology 220 Seminar: Social Change 3 units
Sociology 225 Seminar: Stratification 3 units
Sociology 230 Seminar: Social Organizations 3 units
Sociology 238 Seminar: Environmental Sociology 3 units
Sociology 260 Contemporary Issues of the Middle East & North Africa 3 units
Sociology 266 Sociology of the Family 3 units
Sociology 295 Internships and Fieldwork (instructor permission) 1-3 units
Sociology 299 Special Problems 1-3 units

Culminating Experience (6 units)
Sociology 500 Thesis or Project 6 units

Notes: Because required courses and optional seminars are not offered every semester, most students should plan on three or more semesters to complete course work.No more than six units of Sociology 299 and 295 may be counted toward the degree. A foreign language is not required for the degree. However, students who plan further graduate study are encouraged to study French, German, or Spanish since proficiency in one of these is sometimes required in doctoral programs.

Deviations from the Required Program
Deviations from the required program should, ordinarily, not occur. There may be, however, situations where substitutions or alternations are justifiable. In such cases, the student is required to obtain the approval, in writing, of the Sociology Graduate Committee if he/she intends to make any substitutions or alterations of the above requirements. Requests for deviations should be made prior to the semester in which they are to occur.

Information on the Department, including requirements, etc. can be obtained by contacting Prof. Randall MacIntosh, Amador Room 455B; telephone: 916.278.7961


California State University, Sacramento