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Students in the sociology program engage in service to the community through enrollment in the department's extensive internship program.

In addition students also participate in two organizations sponsored by the department, the Student Sociological Society (SSS) and the department's chapter of the Alpha Kappa Delta, the International Sociological Honor Society.

The Student Sociological Society's mission is to

    1. Bring together students of sociology and faculty.
    2. Provide resources for a career in Sociology, inclujding guest speakers, contact names, etc.
    3. Publication of the "Sociology Survival Guide."
    4. Provide a mentoring system between undrgraduates and graduate students.

Officers in 1999-2000 are Julie Ewing, President; Karrena Ciano, Vice President; and Tasha Hamilton, Treasurer. The faculty advisor is Professor Andres Rendon.


California State University, Sacramento