Before Travel

Please complete the appropriate form(s) PRIOR to travel.

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Domestic Travel Expense Justification-Must be filled out 30 working days days BEFORE travel and is required by the Dean's Office for ALL U.S. travel, whether funded by the University or not.  Please give form to Pat once completed, and also submit an Agenda/program at a glance, event flyer, or email invite.

International Travel Expense Justification-Must be filled out 45 working days BEFORE travel and is required by the President for ALL International Travel, whether funded by the University or not. Please give form to Pat once completed, and also submit an Agenda/program at a glance, event flyer, or email invite.

International Travel Insurance Request-Must be completed prior to International Travel. Travelers should receive an email from Academic Affairs upon approval to notify you the Insurance Request should be completed.

Additional Required Approvals to High Hazard or Travel Warning List Designations:
As per Chancellor's Office memorandom RM 2014-01, the campus President and their designee may now approve travel to designated "High Hazard Countries" or countries on the US State Department Travel Warning List for all faculty, staff, or students who travel on CSU business.

Travel to designated "War Risk" countries must still be submitted to the Chancellor's Office.


All forms can be found on the SSIS Website:


Important Information to Keep in Mind

All travelers should make themseleves familiar with the University's Travel Procedures since essential information for reimbursement is included. The policy can be found by clicking here. To better understand your role in complying with the University's travel regulations, please review the outline of responsibilities for travelers, approving officials and the University Accounts Payable & Travel Office.

Bikes on campusAfter Travel

Upon return, please complete the Travel Expense Worksheet.

  1. Please remember, the lodging rate should be under $275 a night.  Exceptions to this need to be approved in ADVANCE of travel.  If no exception was obtained prior to travel via the Expense Justification form, only $275 per night pre-tax will be reimbursed and should be entered on the form.
  2. Actual meal expenses should be documented for each meal during trip. Although the daily cap for meals is $55, please do not adjust numbers to equal $55 exactly; any amount in excess of the cap will be deducted from amount to be reimbursed (Please remember no alcohol can be reimbursed).
  3. Once form is complete, please give to Pat and submit your receipts and documentation as soon as possible. All receipts need to be original and itemized, clearly showing what the expense was and how it was paid (e.g. cash, credit, etc).  Please refer to the Travel Training Packet for examples of receipts and documentation that should be included. For those attending conferences, in addition to itemized receipts, please make sure to include your nametag, copy of program page(s) showing your participation and schedule of events (this is mandatory to show proof of attendance and verification of meals provided as part of the event).

Download the Travel Expense Worksheet from: