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Featured Job and Internship Opportunities for Psychology Majors 

Job Title


Date Posted 

Due Date

Director for Grassroots Campaign Nationwide Mar. 5, 2013 Mar. 21, 2014
ABA Therapist at Center for Autism and Related Disorders Nationwide Jan. 30, 2013 Jan. 28, 2014
Associate Behavior Specialist at MBIS, Inc. Santa Helena Jan. 25, 2013 Jan. 25, 2014
Behavior Management Consultant at Peoplework4CareHomes Sacramento Feb. 8, 2013 Feb. 8, 2014
Afterschool Program Instructional Aide at Sacramento City Unified School District Sacramento Dec. 3, 2012 Aug. 2, 2013
Academic Tutor for Private Family Arden-Acade Jan. 14, 2013 ASAP
Case Manager at  Center for Autism and Related Disorders Nationwide Jan. 16, 2013 Dec. 2, 2013
Property & Casuality Insurance Agent at Cliff Cottam Insurance Services Sacramento Dec. 26, 2012 July 31, 2013


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  • **On occasion the Psychology Department is approached by students looking for part-time work and by organizations and private parties (e.g., parents of special-needs children looking to hire students to care for said children).The Psychology Department and the University: a) see these arrangements as private transactions between buyer and seller of services, b) will make no recommendations as to the qualifications of students to perform such services, c) will not advise students as to the legitimacy of such offers or make recommendations to any parties as to said offers of employment unless if finds compelling reasons to do so (the Department will not make recommendations to students or to parties seeking student employees), and d) will handle such requests as a clerical matters only (information and postings).All parties are advised to undertake their due diligence in order to ensure the best arrangements. The Department and University have no interests in and disclaim any liability for the outcomes of such arrangements.