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Summer Session is Psychology

Enrollment is open.  Sign up today!

You need to sign up through the College of Continuing Education (but it appears on their transcript the same way regular classes do). Since registration has just begun most of the classes have lots of availability, but a couple are already almost full so don’t wait to sign up!

List of available summer courses:

Summer session 1: June 3-July 14

Psyc 2: Introductory Psychology

Psyc 103: Perception

Psyc 107: Controversial Issues

Psyc 117: Drugs & Behavior

Psyc 120: Psychological Testing

Psyc 135: Multicultural Psychology

Psyc 137: Stress Management

Psyc 168: Abnormal Psychology

Summer session 2: July 15-August 21

Psyc 110: Cognitive Psychology

Psyc 111: Biological Psychology

Psyc 122: Qualitative Research in Psychology

Psyc 130: Personality Theories

Psyc 134: Psych of Human Sexuality

Psyc 145: Social Psychology

Psyc 148: Child Psychology

Psyc 157: Psychology of Women