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Equivalent Courses at Some Nearby Community Colleges

  • The table below provides a listing of courses at some nearby community colleges that will transfer in as equivalent to our PSYC 2 and 8 courses.

  • Some courses are no longer being offered by other colleges that may have been approved as equivalent in the past, and a number of colleges are not listed below. 

  • For a more comprehensive list of colleges in California that have equivalent courses, please go to

  • The Department will for the most part honor the equivalent courses listed on

  • To ask about approval of courses not on that list, or approval for meeting other requirements with transfer courses (i.e. upper division courses), you should contact the Department Office to schedule a meeting with the Department Chair.

  • In that case, you will be asked to show a catalog description or course syllabus of the course you would like to transfer over to the Chair to aid in the discussion.

CSUS Course Number Psyc 2 Psyc 8
American River College 300 or 480 335
Canada College ------ -----
Chabot College 1 2
CA State Univ., Chico 1A 107 (upper division)
Cosumnes River College 300 or 312 335-
DeAnza College 1 ----
Diablo Valley College 101 215
Folsom Lake College 300 335
Hartnell College 2 8
Los Medanos College 11 17 (same as Socio17)
Modesto Junior College 101 or 103 102
Monterey Peninsula College 1 ----
Napa Valley College 120 ----
Ohlone College 101 102
Sacramento City College 300 or 310 335
San Joaquin Delta College 1 4
College of San Mateo 100 105
Santa Rosa Junior College 1A 1B
Shasta College 1A ----
Sierra College 100 105
Solano Community College 2 4
Yuba College 1A 8 (same as Socio18)

Note: There are no community college courses listed as equivalent to PSYC 101. All psychology majors must take PSYC 101 at CSUS.

Approval for meeting other major requirements with transfer courses requires Department Chair’s authorization.  You must provide a course description or syllabus for each course.