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Fall 2004 l Capital University Journal
Message from the President

Fall 2004

Photo of President Alexander Gonzalez
WE’VE GROWN INTO a great regional university since our founding in 1947. In the next few years, we’re going to get a whole lot better.

“We’ll continue to put students first. The students who come here work hard and dream big…”
This is an exciting time in the history of California State University, Sacramento—California’s Capital University. Whether you’re a prospective student, graduate, supporter or community member, I hope you’re excited about the changes that are happening here.

We call it “Destination 2010”—a new initiative to turn Sac State into a destination campus for the West and a flagship of the CSU system.

What does that mean? We’re going to more than quadruple the number of students who can live at Sac State, turning this into a residential campus. We’ll be building a new Recreation, Wellness and Events Center featuring an 8,000-seat arena and fitness facilities. There will be new classroom buildings, a Space Science Center and a large new University Park through the center of campus. There’s also a new Performing Arts Center in the works.

We’ll increase scholarships for students with great need and great potential. And we’ll spread the word about the outstanding academic programs we’ve developed. Students from all over the West will come here to take advantage of the opportunities we offer.

Believe me, we can do it. Our current students, our future students and the whole region will benefit from the effort.

Of course, in addition to making improvements, we’ll be building on the strengths we’ve already established.

We’ll continue to put students first. The students who come here work hard and dream big, and they’ve gone on to leadership positions in government, education, business, technology and the arts. We have tremendous pride in their accomplishments.

Sac State has earned a reputation for great teaching. Our students enjoy personalized attention from professors committed to their work in the classroom. In fact, more than 80 percent of graduates say their professors were dedicated and genuinely enjoyed teaching.

Our students also have extensive opportunities for real-world experience. They have unparalleled access to the largest concentration of state government in the nation, with hundreds interning in the State Legislature, the executive branch and other government-related organizations. Thousands of students are in co-op or internship positions throughout our fast-growing region. More than a third of our students gain experience while serving the community as volunteers, giving some 2.3 million hours a year.

I’ve been president at Sac State for more than a year now, and in that time I’ve talked with groups all over campus and in the community. I’ve learned that people really care about this University, and they have a strong desire to help it live up to its full potential.We’ll be doing everything possible to make that happen.

Alexander Gonzalez Signature
Alexander Gonzalez

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