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William “Bill” Collard
A helping hand

IMAGE: William "Bill" CollardWilliam "Bill" Collard's (Business Administration, '57) dedication to helping others would hold up in any court. A longtime Sacramento attorney, Collard's philanthropy and leadership has supported Sac State, children's organizations, education and commerce for more than 45 years. In that time he has served on nearly 20 boards and helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"If I see things that I feel like I can help with, than I do," Collard says. "I owe the community a lot because I’ve had a pretty good life.

"Collard's generosity has reached Sac State many times over. He was a major contributor toward building the university's Alumni Center and has donated to the summer education camp, Academic Talent Search. Collard is on the board of directors for the Trust Foundation, is an Alumni Association member, and is a member of the President's Circle, a group in which donors give a minimum of $1,500 to a special project fund.

Collard has served as a board member for organizations ranging from the Sacramento Children's Home to The Hornet Stinger Foundation.

One of his more personal commitments has been to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Greater Sacramento Area. Collard served as founding president for the organization that matches mentors with youngsters missing a father or mother figure. "I have a good understanding of problems kids can go through," says Collard, whose own father died when he was just nine months old.

Before attending Sac State and long before he gave law any thought, Collard worked as a special agent for the Air Force Office of Special Investigation. After attending Sac State, he graduated from the University of Santa Clara.

In 1990, Collard received a Certificate of Appreciation from the California State Bar for contributions to the state's public interest, the administration of justice and the legal profession. That same year he received an Outstanding Alumnus Award from the Sac State School of Business Administration.

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