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Leadership begins here.

Over the last few months, that’s become our shorthand for describing what’s happening at Sac State. It’s how we’ve begun telling the community in the Capital Region and throughout the state what we do. This simple phrase, I think, captures something quite essential about our University.

Leadership begins here.

For those of you who graduated from Sac State, I'm sure this rings true. Many of you have told me how your experiences here have helped you succeed in life. Today you are leaders-leaders in government, leaders in business, leaders in elementary and high school classrooms, leaders in all sorts of fields. You are leaders by example. You are leaders who are making your communities better places.

This leadership is most clear here in the Capital Region, where 1 in 26 of residents hold a Sac State degree. Our graduates are, in every way, responsible for the future of this region.

Leadership is one of the themes expressed in our new logo and formal seal, unveiled on campus during the first week of classes this fall. In a simple and dignified way, these new marks express many of the things this University values: life-changing
opportunities for future leaders, a dedication to great teaching, and pride in our campus and our community.

Those values are at the heart of our Destination 2010 initiative, which seeks to make Sac State a premier metropolitan university and a destination campus for the West. For details, see

Of course, plans are only as good as the people involved. I hope you’ll continue supporting us, and offering your time and talent to make this University stronger.

As always, if you have questions or suggestions feel free to contact my office any time at (916) 278-7737.

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