"There are now
more than 175,000
graduates of Sac
State, with almost
6,000 joining their
ranks each year."

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Leadership begins here.

In many ways, Sacramento State is a child of World War II. We were founded in 1947, as returning servicemen and women were seeking higher education through the GI Bill. At the same time, their children, the “Baby Boomers” were being born at an unprecedented rate and were on course to all but overwhelm California’s schools. Post-World War II California and the Sacramento Region were experiencing tremendous population growth.

This all helped spur the creation of Sacramento State, the capital city’s only comprehensive four-year university. When we opened our doors, we offered courses for 235 students on the Sacramento Junior College campus. This fall, we began our 60th year of instruction by providing programs for nearly 28,000 students.

Yes, we have lived up to the hopes of our early promoters, by offering a high-quality education and adding immeasurably to the region’s cultural and economic development. And while we continue to be focused on raising expectations and reaching new levels of achievement for our students, we are also celebrating our many successes.

We continue to judge our efforts primarily by the success of our more than 175,000 alumni—those who came to us seeking new opportunities and a better understanding of their world. From recent graduates to “golden grads” who earned their degrees at least 50 years ago, they are all a part of the incredible story of this institution.

Our graduates are in leadership positions in their communities and their professions. They are the teachers, nurses, police officers and other public servants. They are business executives, elected officials and state employees. Our alumni are making a difference where they live—in California, across the country and overseas.

If you are an alum, let me thank you. Sac State would not be what it is today without you. One thing that is clear to me is that our alumni are a proud group, and rightfully so. This institution challenged you, you met that challenge, and because of that, the course of your life changed forever.

The 60th anniversary celebration of the founding of Sacramento State belongs to you. Please join me in ushering in the next 60 years of achievement!

Please stay involved with Sac State as we strive to serve our students even better and as we work to become an even more important resource for our region and state. As always, if you have questions or suggestions feel free to contact my office at (916) 278-7737.

Questions or comments? Contact us at (916) 278-6156 or infodesk@csus.edu

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