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Sac State Celebrates 60 years

What I remember about Sac State...

I am a grad from 1953. The classes in those years were all held on the Sacramento City College campus and in rented buildings pre sac stateadjacent to the campus. I was called to active duty in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War and thus had to delay my completion until I was released.

What I remember most about that period was the preponderance of veterans and active duty personnel. We were all very serious about getting our education and getting on with our lives. There wasn’t much time for fun or athletics—in fact there weren’t many facilities for those things either. All the articles and pictures of the Sacramento State campus and activities are a far cry from those pioneering days in the early ‘50s.

—Robert P. Pierce, ‘53, Government

milestonesIt was the ’70s. Mini-skirts, platform shoes, bell bottoms and long hair dominated the fashion scene across campus. Immediately, I immersed myself in the campus social life, becoming involved in school activities, such as the student senate and the cheerleading squad. Then the drastic change—I decided to work full time in 1977.

In 2000, I had an inkling to finish my degree and reentered the college. The campus had changed both physically and socially. Even though the students were younger and the professors were younger, my life experiences made the classes and my overall transition to college much easier than before. As my daughter graduated from high school in 2002, I graduated from Sac State.

—Bessie Papailias, ’02, Government

What I remember about Sac State is the student library where I enjoyed studying and checking out the large assortment of reference materials. In the fall of 1964, I was checking out more than just books because it was there that I asked out Suzon Lockhart (’65, Mathematics), whom I had never met, for a date on my upcoming 21st birthday. When my birthday arrived, I thought maybe she had forgotten about our date. In fact, she had not forgotten at all. Suzon had another date that evening and stood me up.

When we finally did go out, I took her to a dance at the “D” Street Motorcycle Club, 10 yards from the railroad tracks, and it was hauling long and loud that night. Suzon did not look with favor upon the ambience of the smoke- filled Club, the scene of our first real date. Getting a second date wasn’t so easy either. Two years later, we were married in Bloomington, Ind.

—Carl Baker, ‘65, Public Administration

What I remember and am grateful for are my extraordinary history teachers Karl von den Steinen, Jerry Tobey and Mary Jane Hamilton. They were inspiring, dedicated professors who made every lecture fascinating and who were also exacting and demanding in what they expected of their students. I hope the current history department emulates the academic rigor that these fine academicians demonstrated.

—Patricia (Nikkel) Fleschner, ‘67 and ‘76, History

Probably my most vivid memories come from my year as the (Theatre) department property mistress. Wedding Band called for a full-scale garden on stage and, silly us, instead of insisting on some money for silk plants, Joy Eakin and I attempted to grow a garden in the basement—quite a feat.

We finally called in the campus greenhouse-keeper who was so astounded that we had gotten anything to grow in the basement— we had rigged up grow lights in the bunk beds—that he took pity on us and gave us some plants which we then planted in mounds of dirt. Even so, I believe Joy had to resort to green spray paint and string by the end of the run.

—Cynthia (Cindi) Linville, ’90, Theatre

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