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Message from the President

I hope you will enjoy reading our beautifully redesigned twice-yearly magazine, Capital University Journal, as much as we have enjoyed collecting the wonderful stories of our University community. Let me provide a few highlights from this issue.

Computer rendition of Regional and Continuing Education buildingOur new technology efforts are enhancing learning. All students have computer access and can link in “wireless” settings on campus. They can access the bookstore or library without ever setting foot inside. Many faculty have incorporated learning opportunities that were simply not available before the advent of the World Wide Web.

Our student body is growing and we are involved in a significant plan to accommodate booming enrollment, now at more than 25,000 students. Our campus is committed to access and serving the region. We are extending more classes into the community, using more long-distance learning opportunities, moving to yearround operations, and the building program is moving forward, with state funding, partnerships, and private fund raising efforts.

Our partnerships with the community are increasing. We are working with the city to build a Center for the Performing Arts. We are working closely on economic development in the region and have recently partnered with Sacramento Area Trade Organization and the Chamber on several projects. And our students are more involved in the community than ever, with nearly 40 percent performing volunteer service.

Our faculty’s innovative work in teaching, research, writing, and crafting solutions for the issues of the day receives ongoing attention and accolades. Faculty are being recognized time after time for their academic excellence and new endeavors.

Our alumni are giving back to this University in significant ways. The new Steven Lee Yamshon Alumni Center is an example, as is the significant contribution of Dennis Gardemeyer toward the new wing of Tahoe Hall for the College of Business Administration. These donations bring an added measure of excellence to the University.

I hope you enjoy Capital University Journal, and I hope that it helps you deepen your commitment and involvement with California’s Capital University.


Donald R. Gerth

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