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Spring 2003 l Capital University Journal
Message from the President

Spring 2003

For these past 19 years, it has been an honor and pleasure for me to come to work each day here at California State University, Sacramento. Together, working with faculty and staff, the accomplishments of this University make this the Capital University, admired and respected throughout the region and the state and beyond for teaching, dedication to students and work with the community and region at large.

Photo of President Donald R. Gerth
Over the summer, I will be leaving the presidency, but not the campus of the CSU system in which I have spent 45 years. I will continue in an emeritus role to write, to teach and to be of service to our Chancellor and Board.

Having been so involved in the system for as long as I have, I have been given the role of historian. This is probably in part because in 1970 I coauthored An Invisible Giant: The California State Colleges. Over the next few years, I intend to update that work and provide a political and historical examination of the growth and development of one of the finest systems of higher education in the world.

The California State University is a unique social invention which has served well in the creation of a knowledge-based society. We provide a model for the world through our commitment to access, quality and affordability. For the past several years, in my role with the International Association of University Presidents, I have had the opportunity to lecture in many countries about the structure and success of the California State University. I plan to continue doing that, as I am fully committed to the provision of higher education as a means to a stable world.

The CSU Trustees have appointed Alex Gonzalez, the president of the relatively new California State University, San Marcos, to this presidency. Alex brings competence, experience and judgment to this role. He will build upon the past—my administration, as well as those of my nine predecessors—with new advances and revitalized directions. He and his wife, Gloria, will be warmly welcomed. They will have the full and enthusiastic support of all of us.

As I look forward to the years ahead, there are many things to do and that I hope to accomplish. Our work in the community and, of course, with the campus community is important to Bev and me. It has been a pleasure to get to know and work closely with so many of our faculty, staff, students and alumni. Bev and I will continue those relationships, and we will continue to move forward together.

Donald R. Gerth Signature
Donald R. Gerth

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