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All Aboard

Getting to and from campus could become less like a trip to the parking lot and more like a trip to the theme park. Campus reps are exploring the idea of a trackless trolley that will connect the campus with the 65th Street light rail station and make a loop through the middle of campus with stops along the way. A survey found more faculty, staff and students would use the light rail if there was a convenient way to get from the station to campus.

The model for the plan is a BRT—bus rapid transit—similar to the All aboard system operating at the University of Oregon. BRTs look much like a light rail car but they don’t require the rail system, making them about half as expensive. The BRT has rubberized wheels and usually runs on a designated concrete or asphalt track, but can also run on a regular roadway.

Each BRT can hold about 40 passengers. Plans call for enough service to run every five or seven minutes. The campus is pursuing state, county and federal funds for the project, which could be could be up and running in two to three years.

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