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Caring for Katrina’s casualties

Like the rest of the country, the campus community at Sac State reached out—financially and literally— to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Sac State was one of 20 universities in the CSU system to welcome students who had been displaced by the storms.
Twenty-three students who had previously been enrolled at Gulf Coast universities such as Xavier, Tulane and University of New Orleans were able to enroll at Sac State without having to pay out-of-state fees. And a scholarship fund was established to help them with tuition, books, housing and other expenses. The students’ enrollment paperwork was also expedited to get them in class as soon as possible.

“These students have been driven from their universities, their dormitories and apartments,” said President Alexander Gonzalez. ”College life as they have known it is lost. But they’re rising to the challenge of continuing their education.”

Students, faculty and staff also contributed to the relief effort by raising funds for the American Red Cross. Student groups banded together for a Five for Life drive, encouraging gifts in quantities of five: five cents, five dollars, $50, etc. The California Faculty Association on campus collected funds
as well. And the Hornet Bookstore operated a fund drive as part of an overall effort by the Follett Higher Education Group, which operates the Hornet Bookstore.

Others collected for specific programs they shared an affiliation with. The men’s and women’s soccer teams, for example, collected money and equipment at games for their counterparts at Gulf Region universities. And the Physical Therapy Department held a walkathon to help rebuild the Louisiana State University physical therapy program, which was wiped out by the hurricane.

While some of the displaced students may return to the Gulf Coast, others plan to finish their education at Sac State.

To give to the Sac State Katrina Fund, call (916) 278-6989.


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