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Not just for students

Bates and LiSac State students aren’t the only ones who use the Career Center. Alumni also can also take advantage of the Career Center’s
services, and many do, says Marilyn Albert, director of the center.

“The job market affects not just our students who are graduating but it also affects our alums who are in their first jobs but are looking for new opportunities or who want to make a career change,” says Albert, who added that many alumni seek counseling from the Career Center because of its cost compared to the private sector.

The Career Center offers services at three levels to
Sacramento State alums and alumni of any CSU campus:

• For $45 a year, alums can access walk-in career counseling,
the Career Information Library, job listings, events
and workshops sponsored by the Career Center, and a
career assessment.

• For $65 a year, alums get the basic package plus up to
six individual career counseling appointments and oncampus
recruitment interviews.

• And for $75 a year, alums get the basic services and
access to on-campus recruitment interviews.

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