Capital Campus Public History Program
                                                              Program Guidelines

Petition for Thesis Project or Thesis

Submit your Petition for Thesis or Thesis Project after completing at least 9 units of graduate coursework and discussing your Thesis project plans with your primary advisor. The Public History Program Director is normally the primary advisor for Public History students, but you may chose to have another advisor that better suits your specific interests or career goals.

You will need two readers for your Thesis or Thesis Project. One of these readers should be a Public History Program faculty member. The other reader may be another member of the history department faculty, a faculty member of another department, or a Public History professional employed outside the university. Your first reader, however, must be a full-time faculty member of the Department of History.

The Petition is available from the history department.

Advancement to Candidacy

After you have submitted and received approval for your Thesis/Project Petition, you may advance to candidacy. The required form is available from the department of history.

Enrollment in Hist 500

Public History students typically enroll in History 500B (Masters Thesis Project) although Public History students may enroll in History 500A (Thesis) with the permission of the Public History Program Director.

Typically, you will enroll in History 500 during or after your last semester of coursework and after completing all Incomplete grades.

To enroll in History 500, you will need the History 500 petition available from the history department. The department will process this form.