Reinstatement Information For Fall 2018

The petition for Undergraduate “Reinstatement after Disqualification” is now available for Fall 2018. Please read the instructions below BEFORE filling out the petition. (NO PAPER REINSTATEMENT PETITIONS AVAILABLE). FYI--Students Disqualified Fall 2017 who did not enroll for Spring 2018, must submit a petition.

The deadline to submit a petition is August 3, 2018

Students must have completed at least 90 units of DEGREE APPLICABLE credit in order to be eligible for reinstatement and be within two or three semesters from graduating.

All students who apply must have completed the admission requirements of Oral Communication; Written Communication; Critical Thinking; and Math/Quantitative Reasoning. Please list them in the boxes provided.

Your statement for reinstatement must address the following:

  1. Identify the problems that led to disqualification (must cover at least two semesters)
  2. Describe specific changes you will make/have made to resolve these problems; include information on how you plan to balance life, school, work, etc.
  3. State the reason for choosing your proposed major (cannot choose Undeclared unless seeking an impacted major)

Students seeking to return as an Impacted major (Biology, Business, Criminal Justice, Graphic Design, Health Science, Nursing, Photography or Psychology) must have major approval to apply. In order to get approval, please have the major department chair email indicating their approval for the major.

The petition is only available to students with an active saclink account (e.g. disqualified prior to Fall 2017 and applied for Fall 2018 admission).




Students seeking “Readmission after Dismissal” will apply for Spring 2019 reinstatement. Please check this website after July 15th for updated information with dates and deadlines.

Questions? Please email