Contact Information

Office of Research Affairs
Division of Academic Affairs
Hornet Bookstore Bldg., Suite 3400
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6111
(916) 278-6402

David Earwicker
Associate Vice President, Research Affairs
(916) 278-3668

Shannon Rexin
Associate Director
(916) 278-7874

Erin Sabin
Executive Assistant
(916) 278-6402

Research Integrity and Compliance

Leah Vargas
Research Integrity and Compliance Officer
(916) 278-5674

Research Development

Help faculty and staff develop more competitive proposal and contract narratives through concept development and editorial support.

Jill Shannon, PhD
Senior Research Development Officer
(916) 278-2069
Research Development Analyst for: Institutional Proposals, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Anthropology Department, and the History Department

Rebecca Greene, PhD
Research Development Analyst
(916) 278-3667
Research Development Analyst for: Arts & Letters (except History), Business Administration, Education, Health & Human Services, Social Science & Interdisciplinary Studies (except Anthropology), Engineering & Computer Science, iWest, STORC, and the College of Continuing Education

Proposal Development & Submission

Assist faculty and staff with identifying grant funding possibilities; completing proposal elements including budgets, supporting documents, and forms; and securing university approvals prior to submission.

Sonya Lovine
Sponsored Research Officer
(916) 278-5390
Proposal Development Contact for: Academic Affairs, Admin. and Business Affairs, Arts and Letters, Education, Library, Student Affairs, and the SSIS departments of Environmental Studies, Ctr for CA Studies, FACS, Gerontology, ISR, Government, Social Sciences, and Women’s Studies

Kim Fischer
Proposal Development Specialist
(916) 278-6111
Proposal Development Contact for: Health and Human Services, the SSIS departments of Anthropology, ARC, Economics, Ethnic Studies, IHELP, Psychology, Public Policy, Sociology, and the NSM departments of: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics/Astronomy.

Elizabeth Cabral
Proposal Development Specialist
(916) 278-2054
Proposal Development Contact for: Business Administration, Continuing Education, Engineering and Computer Science, NSM departments of: Geography, Geology, Mathematics & Statistics, and MASE Center

Kenny Knodt
Sponsored Research Associate
(916) 278-7927

Contract Services

Developing and negotiating contracts with government agencies and private sector businesses on behalf of faculty, and centers and institutes; and securing university approvals.

Lise Loeffler-Welton
Senior Contract Development Officer
(916) 278-2451

Julie McGinty
Research Administration Coordinator
(916) 278-4918

Faculty Research Liaisons

Jana Noel, PhD
Director, Educational and Community Research Partnerships
Professor, Teacher Education

Gregory Hurtz, PhD
Statistics Consultant
Professor, Psychology

Nancy Sweet, PhD
Arts & Humanities Faculty Liaison;
RCA Subcommittee Chair; Professor, English

Dongmei Zhou, PhD
ECS Faculty Liaison;
Professor, Mechanical Engineering