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When PIs contemplate entering into a subcontract or consultant agreement in excess of $25,000, the opportunity must go out to bid using the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. When announced, RFPs are posted on this web site.


Award Administration


To fiscally manage research and contract projects, principal investigators (PIs) at Sacramento State work closely with their assigned account administration teams in the offices of Research Administration and Contract Administration. Each team has a lead contact for post-award matters.


The officers and specialists for research and contract account administration perform a host of services for PIs to ensure compliance with the terms of pertinent grant agreements, contracts, University policies, federal regulations and relevant law at every step of the project — from account set-up to closing and audit. As part of their work, the account administration teams assist PIs with the processing of forms required to establish and maintain accounts, make purchases, hire faculty and other project personnel, contract with consultants, and travel.


In addition to restricted accounts for the administration of grants and contracts, accounts may also be set up to administer:


University Enterprises, Inc. (UEI) campus programs.

These accounts typically handle the flow of revenue and expenses associated with non-credit courses, conferences, workshops, and special projects provided by UEI.


Grant and contract awards and campus programs at Sacramento State are accepted and administered by its authorized fiscal agent, University Enterprises, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that creates and manages an array of programs and services to support and strengthen the University’s mission of teaching, scholarship and public service.


Dashboard (formerly

Dashboard is UEI's new web-based portal designed to provide easy access to online financial reporting and related administrative information.  Dashboard encompasses, announcements, procedural information, and links to important websites and forms. PIs may request access for themselves or for project personnel by contacting their account administrator.  If you experience difficulty accessing Dashboard, please contact your account administrator for assistance. Quick Start Guide>