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Clean Energy Center (CEC)



Clean and renewable energy is vital to the future of the Capitol region, and Sacramento State faculty and students are involved in helping nurture new applied research techniques and the development of a clean energy cluster in the region.


The Clean Energy Center (CEC) was formed in 2006 to contribute to the success of clean and sustainable energy in the Sacramento region through education and research. A study funded by the California Energy Commission, Sacramento Metropolitan Utility District and the McClellan Technology Incubator identified 30 clean energy companies and over 200 clean energy start-ups in the Sacramento region. The CEC will provide multi-faceted support to sustain this growth and to establish Sacramento as a world-wide leader in clean energy research and development. The CEC will prepare science and engineering graduates to lead clean energy companies through classroom-based curriculum and authentic learning experiences, such as research projects.  These projects will align with the technical expertise of CEC faculty and will have the common goal of moving the world toward energy sustainability. The center will provide technical expertise to help local start-up companies transform innovative ideas into successful products and companies. It will also facilitate collaboration within Sacramento State and connect CEC faculty with industry, government and academia. Clean energy research and education at Sacramento State is headed in a positive direction, with the goal of contributing solutions to the energy challenges of today while preparing students to lead the clean energy industry of tomorrow.