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Center for Regional Enviornmental
Science and Technology (CREST)

The Center for Regional Environmental Science and Technology (CREST). The Center was formed to respond to intensifying needs for high-quality, independent scientific studies of the natural and physical environment. The Sacramento region is experiencing rapid population growth, with attendant pressures on agricultural lands, open space, quality and supply of water, air quality, and wildlife populations. Increasing pressures on the natural systems and overlapping interests of agencies, industries and special interest groups have created the need for this impartial and broad-based science consortium. The Center will focus on critical elements and processes affecting the region's air, water, soil, and biotic environments. The Center will provide politically neutral study design, data collection, interpretation and storage. The Center will also examine the historical and future impacts of social choices on natural systems including plans and policies to modify or regulate those natural systems.


The Center will provide student field research experiences and facilitate the development and presentation of educational programs. The Center will seek to foster collaborative research relationships for short or long term studies, as well as provide service for fee contracts for specific tasks with public agencies and private corporations. It will also seek foundation and grant support for research, demonstration, and educational activities. The Center will also work to form active ties and collaborations with other agencies, universities, and groups that further the scientific and educational objectives outlined in the mission statement. The Center's mission is to enhance the quality of data and expertise available for evaluating environmental management activities and not to advocate or justify specific positions or projects.

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