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Contact Information

Research Administration
Contract Administration
Hornet Bookstore, Suite 3400
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6111

Monica Kauppinen

Director, Contract and Research Administration

(916) 278-7380


Veronica Nute

Associate Director, Administration and Operations

(916) 278-4656


Minnie Chabot

Manager, Sponsored Project Administration

(916) 278-6066


Brian Peterson

Operations Analyst

(916) 278-3851


Truli Koski

Reception/Administrative Assistant

(916) 278-7565


Account Administration

Angela Billings

Account Administration Associate

(916) 278-5842


Ann Carlson

Contract Administration Specialist & UFSS Account Administrator

(916) 278-6025


Kim Fischer

Grant Administration Specialist

(916) 278-3461


Billy Le

Account Administration Associate

(916) 278-4994


Tina Leon

Grant Administration Specialist

(916) 278-2371


Juanita Ruiz

Grant Administration Specialist

(916) 278-4657


Connie Shamphan

Grant Administration Specialist

(916) 278-2660



Contract Development

Tammie Singleton

Contract Development Specialist

(916) 278-5432

Proposal Development Contact for: ATCS and NCIC


David Earwicker

Assistant Vice President,

Research Administration and Contract Administration

(916) 278-3668


Shannon Rexin

Associate Director, Research Administration

(916) 278-7874


Donna Seley

Administrative Support Coordinator

(916) 278-6402


Research Integrity and Compliance

Leah Vargas

Research Integrity and Compliance Analyst

(916) 278-5674


Kendra Frank

Research Administration Coordinator

(916) 278-3667


Proposal Development and Submission

Will Dwyer

Sponsored Research Associate

(916) 278-7927


Lise Loeffler-Welton

Sponsored Research Officer

(916) 278-2451

Proposal Development Contact for: ECS, and NSM


Sonya Lovine

Sponsored Research Officer

(916) 278-5390

Proposal Development Contact for: Academic Affairs, Admin. and Business Affairs, Arts and Letters, Education, Library, Student Affairs, and SSIS departments of Envi. Studies, Ctr for CA Studies, FACS, Gerontology, ISR, Government, Social Sciences, and Women’s Studies


Vicki Pearson-Rounds

Research Development Officer

(916) 278-4918

RCA Committee Liaison, Proposal Development


To Be Determined

Sponsored Research Officer

Proposal Development Contact for: Business Admin., CCE, HHS, and SSIS departments of Anthropology, ARC, Econ., Ethnic Studies, IHELP, Psych, Public Policy, and Sociology