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Guidelines and forms are periodically updated. Where guidelines are not present, please continue to refer to your Grants and Contracts Administration Manual for guidelines and procedures or contact your administrator for assistance.
NOTE: PDF files require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.



Check Requests: Download Excel




Check requests may be used for purchases up to $200. (Purchases over $200 should be on purchase 0rders.) The University Enterprises' Check Request form may also be used when a vendor will not accept a purchase order and requires payment in advance. It may also be used for reimbursement of minor out-of-pocket expenses. However, it may not be used for payment of consultant fees or purchases and services through the University such as Reprographics, photocopying cards, library charges, and Facility Management costs.


The check request form must be processed through Research Administration and Contract Administration. Typically, routine checks are mailed or available for pick-up one week (five working days) after our office receives the completed check request form. Depending on the circumstances, some requests may take longer to process.


Invoices and information from the vendor relating to the purchase should be attached to the back of the check request form. All original receipts or paid invoices must be attached to the form when requesting reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenditures. The completed check request must be signed by the project director. Project Directors requesting his or her own reimbursement must obtain a signature from the Chair or Dean.



Required Fields:

Optional Fields:

Miscellaneous Description


Amount Account # Object Misc Desc Invoice #
$15.23 111111 8246 File folder F12345
$51.60 333333 8246 Office supply F12345
$10.56 222222 8246 Name tags F67890