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Guidelines and forms are periodically updated. Where guidelines are not present, please continue to refer to your Grants and Contracts Administration Manual for guidelines and procedures or contact your administrator for assistance.
NOTE: PDF files require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.



Purchase Order Requests: Download Excel





  • Acquisitions of goods and services totaling $200 or more require a purchase order.

  • Three quotations are required for purchases of $10,000 or more unless the vendor is University Enterprises or a University department.

  • If the total cost of goods or services is $25,000 or more, written bids based on written specifications are required from at least three vendors and must be attached to the PO Request.

  • Send the PO Request, signed by the project director, to the following address:
University Enterprises, Inc.
Research Administration and Contract Administration
Hornet Bookstore Bldg. 3400
Campus Zip: 6111

  • The UEI account administrator will review the PO Request, sign it, if correct, then forward to Finance and Business Services where the PO will be prepared and issued. The account and object code will be encumbered for the value of the PO.

  • The Project Director will receive a copy of the PO. When the goods and/or services have been received the Project Director or authorized party must sign the Stock Received copy of the PO and attach the packing slips then send them to:
University Enterprises, Inc.
Finance and Business Services
Bookstore Building, Room 311
Campus Zip: 6063

  • Invoices from vendors should be sent to Finance and Business Services for payment when invoice is consistent with the PO. The encumbrance will be cleared when the invoice is paid.
  1. Mail, Fax or Pickup - Check one box to provide instructions for distribution of the printed purchase order. If you check the box next to "Fax Purchase Order to Vendor," you must include a fax number in the "Vendor Information" area. When a PO is faxed, the original (confirming) PO is also mailed to the vendor. In the Excel (electronic) form, position cursor on a box and click the left mouse button to check the box.
  2. Vendor Information - Enter the company’s complete name, address, city, state, zip code (four digit extension is optional), contact person, and a phone number with area code. A fax number with area code must be included if the box next to "Fax Purchase Order to Vendor" is checked (above).
  3. Deliver To - Enter the project name, institute, college or department name, followed by the complete address, including city, state, zip code plus the four digit extension (campus zip or four zeros if delivered off-campus and you do not know the four digit extension). The address must also include the "attention to" name (the person receiving the items), and phone number. A fax number is optional.
  4. Account#, Object#, % Dist, $ Dist - Provide the account number(s) to be charged for the expense — enter both the account number and the object code. If more than one account or object code is used for distribution, under "% Dist" enter the percentage of the total expense adjacent to the account/object combination The sum of all percentages must equal 100%. Alternately, you may enter the exact amount (under $ Dist) to be charged to each account/object combination. If using the electronic form, enter the dollar amount to be distributed in the "$ Dist" column, and the "% Dist" will calculate.
  5. Date Items Required - Enter the date on which you must receive the items ordered.
    Today’s Date – Enter the date you complete the PO Request form.
    PO Expiration Date – Enter a date on which the purchase order should expire. Invoices received more than 60 days after this date will not be paid. For grants, contracts and other accounts with an expiration date, the PO expiration date should be the same as the expiration date of the grant, contract or account. For University Support Program accounts and other ongoing accounts, the PO expiration date will be the end of the current fiscal year (i.e. June 30th).
  6. Room Tax Rate - If the Purchase Order is for a hotel room(s) (i.e. for a conference), enter the room tax rate. Also enter an "R" in the "Tax" column (below) next to the item(s) to be calculated at this rate. If you do not know the room tax rate, contact the hotel for this information. The electronic form will calculate the room tax based on this tax rate and add the total to the "Sales Tax" (below).
  7. Quantity – Enter the number for each item to be purchased.
    Item Description (including catalog #, size, color, etc.) – Enter a complete description of each item to be purchased. If the item is from a catalog, include the catalog#, page#, size or color, if applicable.
    Unit Price – Enter the price for one unit of the item to be purchased.
    Unit – Enter a description of the unit type (i.e. gross, box, dozen, bundle, case, each, etc.).
    Tax – Enter a "Y" in the "Tax" column for each item that is taxable. Enter "R" if the item is a hotel room, or enter "N" if the item is non-taxable. When using the electronic form, sales tax and room tax will be automatically calculated with the sum of the two entered in "Sales Tax" below.
    Total – Multiply the quantity times the unit price for each item. Enter the product in the "Total" column. The "Total" is automatically calculated in the electronic form.
  8. Shipping and Handling - Enter handling fees or "shipping and handling" charges. This amount is taxable. Enter shipping charges only (no handling) adjacent to "Freight" (shipping and freight charges are non-taxable).
    Subtotal – Enter the sum of all entries in the total column plus the shipping and handling fee. The "Subtotal" is automatically calculated in the electronic form. If the subtotal amount is $5,000 or more, three competitive bids are required.
    Sales Tax – Sales tax for the city of Sacramento is 8.5%, and for the rest of Sacramento County is 8.0%. Please refer to the tax table for the tax rates of other California cities (provided by UEI on request) or the "Tax Table" worksheet in the electronic form. Items purchased out of state are charged a "Use Tax." The "Use Tax" rate is 8.5%. When calculating the total for sales tax, multiply the appropriate sales tax rate times the cost for all taxable items, including shipping and handling. If room tax is applicable, calculate it separately and add it to the total sales tax amount. If using the electronic form, this field is automatically calculated based on the city and state entered in the "Ship To" area and the letter entered in the "Tax" column (above). If the city is spelled incorrectly, the sales tax rate will default to 8.5%.
    Freight – Enter freight or shipping fee, if any. If no freight is to be charged, check the "No" box. University Enterprises will not pay freight charges without your approval if this box is checked.
    Total PO Request – Enter the sum of Subtotal, Sales Tax, and Freight. This field is automatically calculated in the electronic form.
    Deposit Request – If a deposit is required for this purchase, enter the deposit amount due. Check a box to indicate if the deposit is to be mailed or will be picked up.
  9. CHECK APPLICABLE - Check each box that is applicable.
    Purchase for Resale – If the purchase is for resale (or for goods that will be made into a product for resale), check this box.
    Sole Source – If the purchase is for $3,000 or more and no competitive bids have been solicited, check this box and attach a Certification for Sole Source or Brand.
    Capital Equipment or Equipment Components – Capital equipment is defined as an article of non-expendable, tangible personal property with a useful life of more than one year and a cost of $1,000 or more. Use the "Justify/Comments" section to state if any items from this purchase will be used to build equipment or to upgrade existing equipment. Prior to purchasing equipment for federally funded projects, project directors must determine whether the university already owns and can make available for the project's use equipment that will adequately serve the project's needs.
    Hazardous Materials – If you are purchasing hazardous materials, you must check "yes" - otherwise check "no.
    Justify/Comments – Use this area to justify a sole source purchase or to justify use of a vendor when the lowest bid is not selected. In addition, use this area to explain equipment purchase (see above). Attach additional sheets, if necessary.
  10. Alternate Vendor Information - Three competitive bids are required on any purchase of $10,000 or more (subtotal amount). Written bids from vendors are required on any purchase of $15,000 or more (subtotal amount). Written bids must be attached to the PO request. Use this area to enter information on the two alternate vendors (address, telephone number and total bid). If the lowest bid vendor is not selected, the purchase must be justified in the "Justify/Comments" section (above).
  11. Account Authorization - The PO Request form must be signed and dated by an individual authorized to sign for the account(s). This signature certifies that all expenditures are for appropriate purposes and in accordance with the provisions of the application and award documents (when applicable).
    Print Name and Phone Ext. – Some signatures are difficult to read. Please print or type the name of the person authorized to sign for the account(s) and their phone number/extension.