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Sacramento State Campus Support


Provost’s Research Incentive Fund (Summer 2014) supports appropriate progress toward one of the two objectives: either submission of a peer-reviewed article or manuscript, which is either completed or substantially completed over the summer or development and submission of a grant proposal to a federal or state agency.


2014 Research & Creative Activity Mini-Grant Program provides funds from the Chancellor’s Office in support of faculty research and scholarly and creative activity, as well as encouraging faculty contributions to their disciplines. Mini-Grant recipients must produce a deliverable such as a paper, grant proposal, performance, etc.


UEI Faculty Grants Program funds from Academic Affairs and UEI, provide professional development grants for tenured and tenure-track faculty.


UEI Campus Grant Program funds projects that are innovative, have a demonstrable need and clearly benefit Sacramento State students, faculty and/or staff. Of particular interest are projects that advance discovery and understanding while promoting teaching, research and campus engagement.


Pedagogy Enhancement Awards are offered through the Center for Teaching and Learning to increase the teaching and scholarly effectiveness of individual faculty or groups of faculty, respond to the varied needs of our diverse student population and disseminate results.


Outstanding Scholarly Achievement Award is given annually to a Sacramento State faculty member who has, over many years, made significant contributions to a discipline through scholarly activity, creative/artistic endeavors, research and publication.


President's Award honors a Sacramento State colleague who has made significant contributions within the previous five years to a discipline through scholarly activity, creative/artistic endeavors, or research and publication.


CSU Faculty Research Fellows Program is a system-wide program that makes the research expertise of the California State University faculty available to the State Senate, the State Assembly, and the Governor's Office. Short-term research projects are funded on policy issues of concern to these state government entities.


External Funding

  Funding Opportunities by E-mail


Research Funding Update is published monthly to highlight potential sources of external support for research and scholarly activities.


SMARTS is an electronic matching and funding opportunity notification system that provides information on federal and non-federal grants, contracts and fellowships as they are announced by the various agencies. To sign up for Smarts/Genius, go to and click on the Genius icon (top right hand corner). From there select Create a New Profile.


Sponsor Listservs and eNewsletter including details on how to subscribe to federal and non-federal agency distribution lists.


  Searchable Funding Databases

SPIN is a searchable database containing information on nearly 40,000 grant programs from federal, private, and corporate sponsoring agencies. Once you have accessed SPIN you can adjust the search settings from basic to advanced using the search mode options on the upper right of the screen (Please note: SPIN is a subscription service restricted to the Sac State domain).
SPIN Quick Start Guide
SPIN Reference Guide


  Other Funding Resources

Federal and State Agency Web Sites including links to pages with information on open grant and contract opportunities.