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Research Funding Update


Research Funding Update is published monthly by the office of Research Administration to notify the campus community about potential sources of external support for their research and scholarly activities.

Additional information about opportunities listed in the update can be obtained by clicking on the given link or by contacting your Sponsored Research Officer.


February 2013


NIH Funding Webinars Now Available


Applying for, or renewing an NIH grant? Master the essential elements of your next NIH grant application with this unique collection of webinars from Principal Investigators Association


NIH Research Strategy: Actionable Next Steps to Develop a Winning Proposal
A research strategy is not just about experiments, but how you think about solving the problems raised. To successfully meet the requirements of the research strategy component of the NIH grant you must provide a clear picture of your research and its impact, how you will overcome challenges and what you hope to accomplish. 90 minutes.


NIH Biosketch: Present Your Capabilities Effectively
Your grant application is — in many ways — a story. Each section must grab attention and build your case for funding, within page and character limits. So you must make the most of every word you write — including what you say about yourself in your Biosketch. This section is more than a simple biography of the principal investigator and other team members. 60 minutes.


Application Review Strategies: What to Look for Before You Hit the Submit Button
You’ve spent weeks, perhaps months, completing your grant application, and you think it’s perfect. No misspellings or bad grammar. No math errors in the budget. But before you submit it, you need to give it a final look—like an airline pilot doing a flight check before takeoff. Why? You may have made a mistake you’re not even aware of. A 2010 NIH review of 45,000 applications identified the most common blunders and troublesome areas in its applications. 60 minutes.


For viewing instructions, email and indicate the webinar(s) of interest.