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Human Subjects Research

  • Summer IRB Reviews

    The IRB will be reviewing minimal risk research via the Exempt and Expedited review procedure during the summer months. Please allow two to three weeks for this review. Studies requiring Full Board review for greater than minimal risk research will be reviewed during the academic year, from September through May.

    Review categories, submission deadlines, and risk level are explained in detail on the Review Categories page.

    Submission information can be found on the Submit page.

  • Electronic IRB Review Process

    The Sacramento State Institutional Review Board (IRB), which reviews proposed human subjects research to ensure appropriate protections are in place for research participants, has moved its review process to an electronic platform, called Cayuse IRB. This online platform allows investigators to create and submit applications, respond to IRB recommendations, track applications in the approval process, and more. All you need is your SacLink username and password to start your application. 

    Find more information about the Cayuse IRB submission process here

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Participant Rights

Your rights as a participant in research (more)

Confidential Reporting

Reporting noncompliance confidentially (more)


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Confidential Reporting

If you are aware of or took part in a research activity that appeared not to be, or was not, compliant with federal, state, or local laws, regulations, and University Policy, please help us address and prevent such occurrences. The content of the report is confidential and will be maintained to the highest level permitted by law.