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Additional Employment Maximum
In accordance with the current CSU faculty bargaining agreement (Article 36), CSU faculty (or staff on an exceptional basis) may work additional hours not-to-exceed 25% of their full-time base.

Reporting Procedure
The campus auxiliary, University Enterprises, Incorporated (UEI), administers all sponsored activity on behalf of the campus through the Office of Research Administration and Contract Administration (RACA). As UEI manages a separate payroll and timekeeping system from the University, all earnings via sponsored activity are accounted for separately from University effort. UEI records hours worked by pay period for all faculty working additional employment hours on research or sponsored projects during the academic year. At the end of each semester, the Faculty Time and Effort Report is sent to University Human Resources and Academic Affairs. Additional copies may be forwarded to specific Deans based on circumstance.

The report for the fall semester will be completed by January 31st, and the report for the spring semester will be completed by June 30th. A final report for the entire fiscal year (which includes 12-month faculty) will be completed by August 31st for the FY ending June 30th. This report includes only additional employment hours worked on sponsored projects through UEI.


Please note that the campus is revising its policies and procedures with regarding to faculty effort reporting.  A new centralized data reporting system is being developed as part of this process. More information will be forthcoming by summer 2013.