Collaborations and Partnerships

Sacramento State collaborates with an array of organizations as part of our collective commitment to the region’s health and well being and the advancement of scientific discovery. Such partnerships include:

Sacramento State/UC Davis Cancer Center Partnership to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities

Established in November 2005, the Partnership brings faculty, students, and community organizations together to understand, investigate, and highlight the social/cultural/environmental determinants of health and cancer. We deliver on our mission of education, training, and research through the use of new media, capacity building, research, and community engagement strategies that affect progress and outcome indicators. For more information, please contact David Earwicker at 916-278-3668 or by email.

California Landscape Conservation Cooperative (CALCC)

CALCC is a management-science partnership informing and promoting integrated science, natural resource management, and conservation to address the impacts of climate change and other stressors within and across ecosystems. As part of this initiative, the University and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have signed a five-year agreement to partner on informing and promoting integrated science, natural resource management, and conservation. For more, visit

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), California Water Science Center

The presence of USGS scientists and operations affords Sacramento State faculty and students the opportunity to grow through proximity, interaction, and emulation. The USGS capacities in hydrology, water science, and related areas are recognized throughout the region as being world-class. When our faculty and students work in partnership with USGS staff in the classroom, at the lab bench, in the field with drilling and sampling projects, or in the other capacities, growth and sharing occur simultaneously. For more, contact: Susan M. Crawford, Professor of Physical Chemistry, at 916-278-6542 or by email