Project Highlights

New Institute Leader Seeks to Increase Student Success
Professor Andrea Venezia has been named executive director of Sacramento State’s Institute for Higher Education Leadership & Policy (IHELP). IHELP’s mission is to improve students’ readiness for, and success in, postsecondary education. Focusing on educational institutions that serve diverse populations, IHELP has played a large role in supporting student success in community colleges in California and elsewhere. Venezia is bringing in a focus on the transition between high school and college for traditionally underserved students in high school as well. (November 7, 2014)   Article

Can California’s building codes be upgraded to not only make structures more resistant to earthquake damage but, over time, compensate for increased construction costs? Sacramento State Engineering Professor Ben Fell and his colleagues at Stanford University believe they can. They contend that seismic upgrades should lower insurance premiums, reduce home repair costs and lessen the burden of relocating families during the repairs. The structural engineering specialists have been working for the past three years on a federally funded project to prove that. (9/24/2014) Article

Sac State Helping to Preserve Japanese American History
Sacramento State’s Department of Special Collections and University Archives is participating in a California State University project to digitize and create a website for collections relating to the Japanese American internment during World War II. The project is funded by a $40,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and involves five other CSU campuses.  (June 30, 2014)  ARTICLE 

Sustainability Center is Showcase for Water Conservation
Sacramento State’s innovative Sustainable Technology Outdoor Research Center (STORC) has generated a great deal of student and community interest since its creation several months ago. Now it’s going international. (June 18, 2014) ARTICLE

Office of Water Programs and the City Collaborate on new $3 million Grant
Sacramento State’s Office of Water Programs (OWP) and the City of Sacramento have been awarded $3 million in Proposition 84 clean-water funding from the State Water Resources Control Board. The grant will be used to design, construct and monitor low-impact development (LID) measures on the Sac State campus that will greatly reduce the impact of storm water runoff on the American River. (May 28, 2014)

Sac State Professor Specializes in Keeping Secrets
Ted Krovetz is on the cutting edge of cryptography-security research. The Sacramento State computer science professor’s cryptography classes are full, in part because computer security is an especially compelling field; as threats to electronic communications grow in scope, a market emerges for jobs the work of which is to protect against them. (Feb 24, 2014)

Landmark Pneumonia Study Leads to Saved Lives
A Sacramento State nurse-researcher and a group of nurse leaders teamed up with Barbara Quinn, a clinical nurse specialist at Sutter General Hospital, to find out why some patients contract pneumonia in the hospital – and came up with a surprising result. (Feb 20, 2014) 

Student Research at Forefront of Stormwater Treatment
When rain washes over roads and parking lots, it sends oil, grease and metal particles into the storm drains – and those pollutants end up in rivers and streams. A team of Sacramento State graduate students has embarked on a research project to improve the way that stormwater runoff is treated. (Feb 25, 2014) 

Students’ Efforts Helping to Save the Salmon
A Sacramento State geology professor and a team of students are playing a critical role in the ambitious – and successful – federal and state efforts to rehabilitate the American and Feather rivers and increase the salmon population. (Nov 22, 2013)