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Proposal Development

Research Administration
works with faculty and staff who are seeking external funding for research and creative activities. Your Sponsored Research Officer can assist with identifying funding opportunities, developing ideas suitable for funding, preparing budgets, editing and critiquing proposals, obtaining University approvals, providing information about human and animal subjects and other compliance issues, and submitting hard copy and electronic proposals. Research Administration also reviews proposals for compliance with University policies and sponsoring agency requirements, maintains administrative liaisons with sponsoring agencies, is knowledgeable about agency guidelines, and reviews the terms and conditions of all award documents before they may be accepted.

Proposal Submission Procedures

All grant and contract proposals must come through the Office of Research Administration prior to submission.  As part of this process, a Proposal Approval Form accompanied by a brief abstract of the project and a draft budget must be completed. The purpose of this form is to request approval of department chairs, deans, and administrative officials for the activity proposed by their faculty or staff as required by CSU Chancellor’s Office and Sacramento State policies.  

Institutional Compliance and Research Integrity

Externally funded projects at Sacramento State must be performed in compliance with university, state and federal guidelines on areas such as conflict of interest, human subjects protection, export controls, and animal care and use.

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