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Graduate Division

Jamie Donkin, Kinesiology and Health Science - Winner
Static Stretching Does Not Affect Time Trial Performance in Cyclists 

M. Katy Janes, Jay Heffernan and Joe Rosenbery, Geology - Winner
Hydrologic Monitoring of Salmon Habitat Restoration Sites on the Lower American River, Sacramento, California.

Bahareh Abhari, Psychology
The Relationship of Reported Parent Disciplining Practices to Physically Abusive Behavior Among Parents of African, Asian, Latino and White Americans

Gretchen Jung, Education
But We Still End Up Dead: Effects of Mainstream Hollywood Film on Queer Identity Development

Ashley M. Olivieri, Education
An Examination of the Type and Amount of Training Higher Education Faculty Possess


Undergraduate Division

Marisa Smith, Criminal Justice - Winner
Web Gangsters: Juveniles’ Expression of Aggression on Social Networking Sites

John Tran, Civil Engineering - Winner
Experimental Investigation of Ground Motion Effects on Collapse

Jasmine Hamilton, Biological Sciences
The Effects of Size Differential on Aggression in Female Convict Cichlids (Archocentrus nigrofasciata)

Theodore Harrison III, Communication Studies
Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail: Well-Crafted Counter Hegemony Archetypes of Mass Exploitation of Michelle Alexander’s ‘The New Jim Crow’ Stereotypes

Clayton Visger, Biological Sciences
A Cytogeographical Survey of California Penstemon Section Sacanthera Subsection Heterophylli




Graduate Division

Christian R. Patz, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies - Winner

The Black and White World of Emotional Disturbance


Kelly Marie Thomasson, Biological Sciences – Runner-up

An Analysis of the Efficacy of the Marine Protected Areas of Maui County in Consideration of Tourism.


Undergraduate Division

Sukhvir Kaur Dhillon, Biological Sciences - Winner

The Quantity of Male DNA Found on a Female’s Mouth after Kissing


Sara Warren, Anthropology – Runner-up

Seasonal Food Resources’ Effect on the Activity Budgets of Two Nicaraguan Mantled Howler Monkey Groups





Graduate Division

Christian Patz, Graduate, Education - Winner

The Black and White World of Emotional Disturbance


Kelly Marie Thomasson, Graduate, Biological Sciences – Runner-up

An Analysis of the Efficacy of the Marine Protected Areas of Maui County in Consideration of Tourism


Sarah Billingsley, Graduate, Communication Studies

The Effect of Teacher Classroom and E-mail Immediacy on Student Affective Learning and Motivation

Gary Scholze, Graduate, Anthropology
Native American Root Use within Northeastern California and the Utilization of Starch Grain Analysis


Hector Topete, Doctoral Student, Education Leadership and Policy Studies

The Relationship between Peer Perceptions and Grades among Latino High School Students: Myth or Reality?


Undergraduate Division

Sukhvir Kaur Dhillon, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences - Winner

The Quantity of Male DNA Found on a Female’s Mouth after Kissing


Sara Warren, Undergraduate, Anthropology – Runner-up

Seasonal Food Resources’ Effect on the Activity Budgets of Two Nicaraguan Mantled Howler Monkey Groups


Tracy L. Audisio, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences

The Depths of Divergence: A Phylogenetic Analysis of Troglomorphic Spiders in the Genus Usofila (Araneae, Telemidae)


Nicholas Macias, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences

Potential Direct and Indirect Effects of Omnivorous Shrimps on Mayfly Naiads in a Tropical Island Stream: A Laboratory Study


Tomasine Quinney, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences

Identification of Antibody to Group a Streptococcal Antigen in Pediatric Neuropsychiatric Disorders



Bianca Davis, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences

The Effect of Microwaves on the Ability to Detect Semen Stains on Fabric More information>


Jennifer Mendiola, Graduate, Psychology, and

Heather Valdez, Undergraduate, Psychology

Cultural Differences Between Asian and European Americans: A Study on Family Strain among College Students


Tereze Lear, Graduate, Education

Why Are We Doing Art?  The Impact of Standards Based, Sustained Art Instruction for Incarcerated Youth


Michelle Garbato, Graduate, Psychology

Exploring the Effects of Leader Sex, Leadership Style and Employee Locus of Control on Employee Satisfaction


Milton Rosa, Ed.D. candidate, Educational Leadership

A Mixed-Methods Study to Understand the Perceptions of High School Leaders about ELL Students: the Case of Mathematics


Megan Maas, Undergraduate, Psychology

The Influence of Internet Pornography Use on College Students


Jennifer Depold, Graduate, Liberal Arts/History

Images of Death and Damnation in the Holkham Bible


Zachary Craig, Undergraduate, Civil Engineering

Axial and Bending Stiffness of a Two Member Structural Assembly


Nicole Bain, Undergraduate, Business Administration

Power of the Brand



Anthony Barley – Undergraduate, Biological Sciences

Habitat structure directly affects aggression in convict cichlids, Archocentrus nigrofasciatus

His study investigated how a fish’s habitat structure affects the amount of aggressive behavior that it exhibits. He tested this using convict cichlids, Archocentrus nigrofasciatus. More information>


Jim Alford - Undergraduate, Biological Sciences

Corn lily (Veratrum californicum) presence structures Sierra Nevada subalpine meadows


Paul Anthony Dickey - Undergraduate, Business

“Another” Record High: Sacramento Housing Market


Carrie Lessin - Graduate, Biological Sciences

How Nutrient Influxes and Community Composition Affects Species Richness and Abundance in Vernal Pools


Renée Romero Lyons - Graduate, Education

Aliens, Beggars, and a Queen: Inclusion and Images of Chicanas and Latinas in History-Social Science Textbooks


Jennifer Marie Rossiter - Undergraduate, Biological Sciences

Testing Island Biogeography in Sub-Alpine Meadows: Do Invading Trees Facilitate the Invasion of Forest Species into Meadow?



Hitasha Mitera – Graduate, Speech Language Pathology (received “best presentation” award) Assessment for People with Aphasia

To facilitate clinicians in providing evidence-based treatments for people with aphasia, by providing a comprehensive assessment tool incorporating advantages of other assessments tools, minimizing disadvantages. More information>


Tejaswitha Bhavsar - Graduate, Computer Science

A Fuzzy Trigger Language to Relational Database Systems


J. R. Carroll - Graduate, Psychology

Visual/Haptic Sensory Memory: A Line Length Discrimination Task


Sarah Estrella - Graduate, Biological Conservation

Ecology and Control of Perennial Pepperweed (Lepidium latifolium L.) in a Tidal Marsh in Solano County, California


Kimberley Aisha Folkes - Graduate, Ethnic Studies

“With All Good Intent”:  An analysis of AFSA and Affiliated Legislation


Jessica Lynn Knight - Graduate, Education

An Examination of Gender Differences in Building Classroom Community


Jennifer Reynolds-Kusler - Undergraduate, Geography

Reconstruction of Late Holocene Vegetation Productivity and Composition from Meadow Sediments at Diamond Lake in California’s Klamath Mountains.

James Phillips - Graduate, Biological Conservation

Nest site selection by cuckolder (Type II) plainfin midshipman (Porichthys notatus)


Rupal Prajapati - Graduate, Mechanical Engineering

A Computational Study of Premixed Methane/Air Mixture in a Microburner


Michael Skidmore - Undergraduate, Chemistry

The Synthesis of a Sulfated Cellobiose Glycodendrimer as a Potential Anti-Viral Agent



Pang Moua – Undergraduate, Biological Sciences

The Effects of Datisica Glomerata on Two Breast Cancer Cell Lines, MDA-MB 231 and BT-474. An aqueous extract of Datisica glomerata (Durango root) was shown to have cytotoxicity towards breast cancer cell lines MDA-MB 231 and BT-474 grown in culture. More information / Presentation slides (pdf).


Meenal S. Abhyankar - Graduate, Chemistry

Use of Tracers to Estimate Influence of Smoke from Forest Fires on CA Central Valley Cities


Catalina Alvarez - Undergraduate, Social Work

The Views of Domestic Violence through the Perspective of Immigrant Mexican Women as a Norm in their Romantic Relationships


Ryan Bibler - Undergraduate, History

Interpretations of Herodotus’ Account of the Battle of Thermopylae


Elizabeth Glidewell - Undergraduate, Biology

Morphometrics as a Method to Determine Sexual Dimorphism in the Convict Cichlid


Erika Holland - Graduate, Biological Sciences

Reproductive Biochemistry of Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)


Lusi Marcia Martin - Undergraduate, Food and Nutrition

A Study of Eating Habits and Perception of Coronary Heart Disease Risk in African American Female College Students


Kim Nelson - Undergraduate, Biological Sciences

Protein Biochemistry of Cichlid Fish Eggs