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Local Student Research Competition Held March 5, 2007

The Office of Research Administration hosted the Sacramento State 21st Annual Student Research Local Competition on Saturday, March 5, 2007. There were eight students from various disciplines competing.

Pang MouaThe first place winner was Pang Moua, Undergraduate, Major - Biological Sciences. Her topic was: “The Effects of Datisica Glomerata on Two Breast Cancer Cell Lines, MDA-MB 231 and BT-474”. An aqueous extract of Datisica glomerata (Durango root) was shown to have cytotoxicity towards breast cancer cell lines MDA-MB 231 and BT-474 grown in culture. Ms. Moua received a $200.00 prize, plus the opportunity to compete at the statewide competition.
Presentation slides (pdf).

All eight students will compete in the statewide competition on May 4 and 5 at CSU, Dominiguez Hills. Their travel expenses will be reimbursed funded by ARA Grant and Research Administration.

We would also like to acknowledge the faculty who were the judges of the contest:

Jessie Gaston, Cooper Woodson Program and History

Jamie Kneitel, Biological Sciences

Hellen Lee-Keller, English Department

Albert Lozano, Bilingual Multicultural Education

George Paganelis, Library

Ali Porbaha, Civil Engineering

Joseph Richards, College of Business Administration

John Strother, Division of Social Work

Cindi Sturtz Sreetharan, Anthropology

Upcoming Competition
The Office of Research Administration would like to encourage students to compete next year. Please visit our website at:

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