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Student Research Symposium


Prizes Awarded to Annual Student Research Symposium


Twenty-one students from various disciplines competed in the Student Research Symposium hosted by Academic Affairs and the Office of Research Administration on Thursday, March 8, 2012. The top two entries in both the undergraduate and graduate student divisions were awarded a $500 prize.


2012 Winners

The winners of the graduate division were:

Jamie Donkin, Kinesiology and Health Science with her presentation Static Stretching Does Not Affect Time Trial Performance in Cyclists

and the team of M. Katy Janes, Jay Heffernan and Joe Rosenbery, Geology, with their presentation  Hydrologic Monitoring of Salmon Habitat Restoration Sites on the Lower American River, Sacramento, California.


The winners of the undergraduate division were:

Marisa Smith, Criminal Justice, with her presentation Web Gangsters: Juveniles’ Expression of Aggression on Social Networking Sites

John Tran, department of Civil Engineering, with his presentation Experimental Investigation of Ground Motion Effects on Collapse


The faculty mentors to Challenge winners were: Ricky Gutierrez, Criminal Justice; Cid Martiniez, Sociology; Benjamin Fell, Civil Engineering; Tim Horner, Geology; Ronald Coleman, Biology; Daryl Parker, Kinesiology. Each will receive a $500 faculty development grant. 


In addition to our top winners, six other students were selected to attend the CSU statewide competition May 4-5, 2012 at CSU, Long Beach. They are as follows:

Bahareh Abhari, Graduate, Psychology

The Relationship of Reported Parent Disciplining Practices to Physically Abusive Behavior Among Parents of African, Asian, Latino and White Americans

Jasmine Hamilton, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences

The Effects of Size Differential on Aggression in Female Convict Cichlids (Archocentrus nigrofasciata)

Theodore Harrison III, Undergraduate, Communication Studies

Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail: Well-Crafted Counter Hegemony Archetypes of Mass Exploitation of Michelle Alexander’s ‘The New Jim Crow’ Stereotypes

Gretchen Jung, Graduate, Education

But We Still End Up Dead: Effects of Mainstream Hollywood Film on Queer Identity Development

Ashley M. Olivieri, Graduate, Education

An Examination of the Type and Amount of Training Higher Education Faculty Possess

Clayton Visger, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences

A Cytogeographical Survey of California Penstemon Section Sacanthera Subsection Heterophylli





We would also like to thank the following faculty for volunteering  to serve as judges for the Challenge:

Beomjoon Choi, Business Administration, BUS

Andras Domokos, Mathematics and Statistics, NSM

Lisalee D. Egbert, Special Education, Rehabilitation, School Psychology, and Deaf Studies, EDU

Jacob Fisher, Anthropology, SSIS

Ying Jin, Computer Science, ECS

Minjeong Kang, Family and Consumer Sciences, SSIS

Sujatha Moni, Women’s Studies, SSIS

George Paganelis, Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection, University Library

Jing Pang, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, ECS