2017 Student Research Symposium Winners

The 2017 Sacramento State Student Research Symposium, held at the University Union, showcased the original scholarly work of 101 students – 76 undergraduates and 25 graduates – who delivered their findings in either poster or oral presentations. Symposium winners were awarded the Provost’s Award for Research Excellence and received $500 for oral presentations and $250 for poster presentations. The four oral presentation winners from the Symposium will join forces with six additional top oral competitors from the Symposium to represent Sac State at the California State University Student Research Competition on April 28-29 at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. 

This year's Provost’s Award winners are:

Poster Presentations
Kimberly Nguyen (Biological Sciences, undergraduate) – “Developing Drosophila Melanogaster as a Model for the Identification of Environmental Chemicals that Confer Risk to Autism”

Jennifer Tran (Biological Sciences, undergraduate) – “Adrenergic Receptor Antagonists Modulate Growth and Biofilm Formation of Skin Microbiome Bacteria”

Anaida Stepanyan (Communication Studies, graduate) – “Messages on Instagram: Images of Kim Kardashian and Its Effects on Self-Esteem and Body Satisfaction”

Chong Yang (Education, graduate) – “In the Shadows of Overrepresentation: HMong Men and Engineering Education” 

Oral Presentations
Jacob Chiang (Biological Sciences, undergraduate) – “Curricular Activities that Promote Metacognitive Skills Impact Lower-Performing Students in an Introductory Biology Course

Brandon Trafton (Kinesiology and Health Science, undergraduate) – “Developing Drosophila Melanogaster as a Model for the Identification of Environmental Chemicals that Confer Risk of Autism

Zitlali Torres (Behavioral Sciences, graduate) – “In the Shadows of Academia: Analyzing the Experiences of Undocumented Female and Male College Students

Andrew Carhart (Public Policy Administration, graduate) – “School Finance Decisions and Academic Performance: An Analysis of the Impacts of School Expenditures on Student Performance

The following six student teams will join the oral presentation Symposium winners at the CSU Student Research Competition in April:

Margarita Kovalchuk (Civil Engineering, undergraduate) – “Influence of Wind on Hydrodynamics of Constructed Delta wetlands”

Christina Montes (Psychology, graduate)– “Using Awareness Training to Reduce College Students’ Speech Disfluencies in Public Speaking

Erik Ramirez (Communication Studies, undergraduate) – “The Horror of Patriarchy: A Critical Analysis of American Horror Story: Asylum

Megan Self (Physical Therapy, doctoral)– “Physical Therapy Treatment for a Patient with Myasthenia Gravis in the Acute Care Setting: A Case Report

Kimberly Swafford and Erik Christiansen (Biological Sciences, undergraduate)–“Egg Size Determines Fry Size in Substrate-Spawning Cichlid Fishes

Janae Tovar (Education, graduate)– “Exploring the Benefits of Videoconferencing in Instructional Coaching with Elementary Teachers

Faculty mentors of the Provost’s Award winners each receive a professional development award in recognition of their contributions to the students. Over fifty faculty and staff members from throughout the University took part in judging the students’ work. The next event will be the Provost’s Student Research Forum this Fall. Location and Time: TBA.