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There are no currently scheduled workshops.


Human Subjects Tutorial
Researchers applying for research grants should consider taking the NIH Office of Extramural Research Protecting Human Research Participants training course.  This free, two-hour web-based course satisfies the NIH human subjects training requirement for obtaining federal funds.


NIH Grant Writing Podcasts
This NIH site presents conversations with NIH staff members that cover the entire grants process. The podcasts are in mp3 format and are targeted to investigators, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students planning careers in biomedical research, and research administrators. Visit the NIH Office of Extramural Research (OER) Podcast page to subscribe or download individual episodes.


NIH Peer Review Videos
The National Institutes of Health's Center for Scientific Review (CSR) has produced a series of videos to give new applicants an inside look at how NIH grant applications are reviewed for scientific and technical merit. New and established investigators will find that the insights and understanding can help to improve their applications and increase their chances for receiving a more positive review. NIH Peer Review Revealed Videos>


Research Commercialization and SBIR Online Distance Learning Center
Each month the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer ( NCET2 ) holds webinars on various commercialization topics.  The goal is to increase the capacity of university researchers to capitalize on discoveries that have commercial potential but need further research and development.  The webinars are free, but registration is required.


SPIN Tutorial
The Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN) is a searchable database containing information on grant programs from federal, private, and corporate sponsoring agencies. Videos on topics including how to create a report and save your searches in SPIN can be found online.
(SPIN is a subscription service and is restricted to the Sacramento State domain)


The Lab: Avoiding Research Misconduct
In this interactive movie on research misconduct, the viewer becomes the lead characters and makes decisions about integrity in research that can have long-term consequences. The simulation addresses Responsible Conduct of Research topics such as avoiding research misconduct, mentorship responsibilities, handling of data, responsible authorship, and questionable research practices. To participate in this interactive experience, go to:




Grant Writers’ Workshop: "The Art of Grantsmanship"
Learn strategies and tips for writing successful grant proposals from Stephen Russell and David Morrison of Grant Writers’ Seminars & Workshops LLC. Key topics to be covered in this broadcast seminar include: Developing fundable ideas, identifying appropriate sources of grant support, the essentials of good proposal writing, maximizing your application’s competitiveness, and writing for the grant proposal reviewers. Held June 17, 2013. Slides>


Finding External Funding:  Grants, Gifts and More
The Office of Research Administration and University Development held a discussion of strategies for obtaining grants and philanthropic gifts in support of research, program development, and other areas of need and interest. The workshop covered - seeking funding from external sponsors (federal and state agencies, private foundations, industry, etc.) as well as best approaches for working with funders once you’ve been funded. Guidelines clarifying campus processes associated with gifts and grants and the roles of each office were shared. Held May 8, 2013.


Aligning Research Aims and Survey Instruments
The importance of correlating research aims and measurement instruments in a coherent research agenda cannot be overstated. Whether for a journal article or as the program review/evaluation section of a grant proposal, this section can often determine the acceptance or funding decision by reviewers.  This session will focus on aligning your research objectives and the measurement instruments and methodological tools.  Join other faculty researchers who are developing new tools and techniques to obtain funding, getting published, and building collaborations across disciplines. Presenter: Serge Lee, Professor of Social Work. Held April 19, 2012. Slides>
The Grant Proposal as Story
Crafting a research plan as a story, including the development of the driving question and correlated activities. Presenter:  Brad Baker, Associate Professor, Chemistry. Held April 18, 2012. Slides>

The Art of the Article: Journal Writing and You

Techniques for shaping articles, language usage, working with editors, and locating the most appropriate journals for submission. Presenter:  Jana Noel, Professor, Teacher Education. Held April 9, 2012.


Conceptualizing and Prioritizing Your Research   

A discussion on conceptualizing and prioritizing your research throughout the year and the relationships needed for success. Presenter:  Dian Baker, Associate Professor, Nursing. Held March 27, 2012.


Critical Strategies for Managing your Research Agenda

Managing a research agenda can be a challenge at Sacramento State.  This panel of grant-successful faculty will discuss approaches they’ve utilized in the pursuit of external funding. Panelists: Brad Baker, Associate Professor, Chemistry; Dian Baker, Associate Professor, Nursing ; and Jana Noel, Professor, Teacher Education. Held March 7, 2012


Finding External Funding: Grants, Gifts, Contracts and More

The Development Office and the Office of Research Administration invite faculty and staff to a discussion of strategies and procedures for seeking grants and philanthropic gifts in support of research, program development, or other areas of need and interest.  The forum will provide information on seeking funding from external sponsors (federal and state agencies, private foundations, industry, etc.) as well as best approaches for working with funders, and what happens once you’ve been funded.  Newly developed guidelines which clarify campus processes associated with gifts and grants and the roles of each office will be distributed to attendees. Held October 25, 2011


Workshop on Proposed Revisions to Human Subjects Protections
Dr. Christine Grady, Acting Chief, Department of Bioethics, Clinical Center, National Institutes of Health, will be on campus to conduct a workshop on the proposed revisions to the federal human subjects protections regulations.  This workshop offers faculty, staff and students an excellent opportunity to learn about the proposed revisions, ask questions and voice concerns you may have.  Held September 21, 2011.