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   Student Research Competition

Each year The California State University sponsors a system-wide CSU Student Research Competition. The purpose of this competition is to promote excellence in undergraduate and graduate research and creative activity by recognizing outstanding student accomplishments throughout the twenty-two campuses of The California State University.

Students are expected to present their work orally before a jury and an audience. Each student has ten minutes to present his or her work and three minutes to listen and respond to audience questions. The work is judged on the basis of a five-page, double-spaced paper and the oral presentation. Each entrant is judged on clarity of purpose (15%), appropriateness of methodology (15%), interpretation of results (15%), value of the research or creative activity (15%), ability of the presenter to articulate the research or creative activity (15%), organization of the material presented (15%) and on the presenter's ability to handle questions from the jury and general audience (10%). Papers are entered into one of ten different categories.


2007 Student Research Competition Guidelines and Forms (MS Word)


Previous CSUS  Participants:

2005-2006 Student Research Competition

2004-2005 Student Research Competition

2003-2004 Student Research Competition

2002-2003 Student Research Competition

2001-2002 Student Research Competition

2000-2001 Student Research Competition

1999-2000 Student Research Competition

1998-1999 Student Research Competition

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1998-1999 Student Research Competition

Jacob Armstrong, Undergraduate, Business
Statistical Analysis of Kenco Engineering, Inc.

Anmarie Eves, Undergraduate, English
Rhetorical Advertising

Deborah Franklin, Graduate, Public Policy and Administration
Teen Birthrates in California: What Really Matters

Ellen F. Sander, Graduate, International Affairs
The Establishment of a Natural Resources Regime in Accordance with Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Aaron Shonk, Graduate, English
Faulkner's Deconstructive Practice at the Critical Extremes: The (Post) modern Racial Construct and Its Practices in Three Faulkner Novels

Jason W. Turner, Graduate, Interdisciplinary
Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done: The Debate Over Eshatological Meaning in the Sayings of the Historical Jesus.







 1999-2000 Student Research Competition

Peter M. Frinchaboy, Undergraduate, Physics
A Search for Candidate Old Open Clusters: The "Sauer et al.Clusters"

Johnna Goeke, Undergraduate, Marketing & Angela Leonelli, Undergraduate, Management
Variability in Home Sales: United States vs. California

Karen Harris, Graduate, Accountancy
Predicting Unemployment for a Rural California Metropolitan Area

Shane Kemper, Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering
The Aerodynamic Analysis of Experimental vs. Analytical Data of a Scale Delta-Wing Model in subsonic Flow

Barbara Mendenhall, Graduate, Anthropology
Identity and Popular Culture among Navaho Gang Members

Ellen F. Sander, Graduate, International Affairs
A Study of Migrant Women - Education, Work and Lives in a Semi-Rural California Agricultural Community

Jason Wortham, Undergraduate, Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Analog IC Design of a Linearization Circuit for Accurate Location Sensing

Barbara Young, Undergraduate, Sociology
The Effect of Education on Attitudes Toward Capital Punishment







2000-2001 Student Research Competition

Michelle R. Dowling, Undergraduate, Communication Studies
Apologia and Damage Control: A Survey of Benoit's Theory of Image

James A. Gamble, Graduate, Geology
Numerical Experiment to Test the Effects of Heterogeneity on Groundwater Flow Path and Travel Time.

Elizabeth Valdovinos, Graduate, Anthropology
Effect of Enrichment Items on the Aggression and Competition Levels of Captive Orangutans.







2001-2002 Student Research Competition

Golee Abrishami & Julie Murphy, Undergraduates, Psychology
"The Effects of Age and Ethnicity on Photo Assessment of Romantic Relationships"

 Muneera Smith, Undergraduate, Chemistry
"Infectivity of Phage fd I-forms and S-forms to E. coli Cells: Assessment of a Proposed Infection Intermediate"

 Paul Vincent Tillman, Undergraduate, Humanities & Religious Studies
"The Modes of Oscar Wilde"

 Jeremy Tollefson, Undergraduate, Physics & Astronomy
"Galactic Building Blocks: Open Star Clusters"

 Rohit M. Tulpule, Graduate, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
"Conformal Antenna Array (CAA) System for Microwave Hypothermia Treatment of Tumors"




2002-2003 Student Research Competition

Mary Anderson, Graduate, Theatre Arts
            African Presence in the Philosophical Writing of Katherine Dunham and its
            Implications for Spiritual Education Theory

Melanie Au, Undergraduate, Psychology
            Body Image and Self Esteem: Individual or Unitary Concept?

Toni Lynn Behl, Undergraduate, Communication Studies
            Narrative Mediation: A Communication-Based Approach to Problem Solving

Erik Bloomquist, Undergraduate, Mathematics
            Nurturing Grounds for Brilliant Minds: A Statistical Study

Ambarish M. Bhavsar, Graduate, Electrical & Electronic Engineering
            Finite Difference Time Domain (FD-TD) Analysis of the Spinal Cord

Jeffrey B. Casebolt, Graduate, Exercise Physiology
            A Comparison of Lower Extremity Joint Kinetics Between Maximal Vertical
            Squat Jumps and Hang Power Cleans

Jacqueline Houston, Graduate, Chemistry
            Transition Metal Cation Migration through Zeolite Materials

Jose Mandawe, Jr. Graduate, Civil Engineering
            Reinforcement Bond and Anchorage Characteristics in Grouted Duct
            Connections for Development of a Precast Bent Cap System in Seismic

Sherry Reafsnyder, Undergraduate, English & Astronomy
            Open Clusters: An Important Means of Probing Galactic Disk Evolution

Shin-Da Song, Graduate, Mechanical Engineering
            On-line Monitoring of Boring Tools Using Virtual Instrumentation and
            Intelligent Techniques

            Jason Talanian, Graduate, Exercise Physiology
            The Effects of Supramaximal Intensity Interval Training in V02max
            and Maximal and Submaximal Fat Oxidation Rate

Jason E. Ybarra, Undergraduate, Physics
            An [SII] Survey of the Rosette Molecular Cloud



2003-2004 Student Research Competition

            CHARLOTTE HARRIS-NEBLETT - Graduate, Nursing

Mental Health Services in Public Elementary Schools: Experiences of Undergraduate Nursing Students in the Provision of Mental Health Services to School-Age Students


            BINDU GURRAM - Graduate, Electrical and Electronic Engineering

                    Design and Simulation of High Performance Memory


            PATRICIA ANN JOHNSTON - Graduate, Anthropology

From Ethnographic Methods to Needs Assessment Data: Informing ‘Sacramento Urban Indian Health Project, Inc.’


            MANUEL SENNA IV - Graduate, English

Ethnic Identity as a Hindrance to English Acquisition by Generation 1.5 Students


            JENNIFER CRUZ - Undergraduate, Chemistry

The Influence of Residential Wood Burning in Central Valley Cities during the Winter


            ILA ZAPANTA & ELENA RAMIL  - Undergraduates, Business Administration

How Positive Emotions Affect Product Attitudes


            ARCHANA BHALERAO - Graduate, Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Microcontroller-based Prosthetic Arm Monitoring Device


            LEE CHAZEN - Graduate, Curriculum

Thriving on the Edge of Chaos:  An Argument for Structural Changes in the Classroom and Elsewhere


            AMEER NAPHTALI THOMPSON -   Undergraduate, Biology

A Test of the Misdirection Hypothesis for False Eyespots Using Parental Convict Cichlids Archocentrus nigrofasciatus


            ERIC MORITA - Graduate, Geology

Human Influence on Streambed Topography and its Effects on Localized Groundwater Flow


            HARDIK MODI - Graduate, Electrical and Electronic Engineering

                    Simulation of Intermodulation Distortion in EER Transmitters


            MELANIE AU - Undergraduate, Psychology

The Role of Context in Memory Recollection