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  • Firefox : Enabling Flash
    Posted: 7/28/15, 8:51 am

    A recent update of the Firefox web browser (version 39) prevents Adobe Flash content from running automatically by default. Users trying to view Adobe Flash content such as interactive publisher content will see a prompt asking them to “Activate Adobe Flash.” Please read about Viewing Flash Content in Firefox Browser for instructions on how to enable Adobe Flash in Firefox.

  • Chrome : Enabling Java
    Posted: 7/28/15, 8:51 am

    A recent update of the Google Chrome web browser (version 42 and higher) has disabled the use of Java by default. SacCT features which rely on Java are the built-in Chat, Virtual Classroom, and Multiple Files Upload. For Chrome users who need to use these features, please read about Enabling Java Plugin on Google Chrome.


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With SacCT you can deliver course materials, use different communication and evaluation tools, post grades, integrate Web resources, provide feedback and gather data about your course(s).

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In SacCT you may take exams, participate in discussions, submit assignments and access different course material.

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Last updated: December 12, 2014