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Important Announcements

  • Chat/Virtual Classroom Tool Within SacCT
    Posted: 1/28/15, 5:48pm

    The Chat/Virtual Classroom tools are not currently available. We are diligently working to make these tools available as soon as possible. An alternative to the Chat/Virtual Classroom tools is to use the chat feature within Blackboard Collaborate.

  • Email Fraud Warning
    Posted: 1/27/15, 10:59am

    Beware of fraudulent emails requesting you to click a link to access Blackboard or update your information . These e-mails are not from Blackboard. Don't click the link in the e-mail, or reply to the message as it may jeopardize the security of your personal information. For more information please visit

  • Instructors - Keeping old SacCT Courses?
    Posted: 12/22/14, 6:11pm

    As a tip for instructors who wish to keep their existing courses in SacCT, please use the Retain Old Term Course Form. Many instructors had already requested and received confirmation to retain their old SacCT courses in response to two announcements earlier this year. An alternative method is for instructors to download a course backup file by following this guide: Exporting and Archiving Courses.

  • Calendar Events Created Manually
    Posted: 7/14/14, 1:05pm

    For users who create SacCT calendar entries manually, the manually created events cannot be deleted from within a SacCT course’s calendar. If you need to delete a course calendar event, please use the Calendar tool from the Global Navigation Menu instead by following these steps.

  • Java Issue: Unable to Launch Collaborate Sessions or Recordings
    Posted: 4/21/14, 9:00am

    Collaborate users that have installed Java 7 Update 51 or Update 55 may see the "Unable to launch the application" or "Application Blocked by Security Settings" error(s) display when attempting to join a session and/or watch a recording.

    Please follow the instructions that correspond to your operating sytem below:

    Windows Users

    Mac Users


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Last updated: December 12, 2014