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Handouts require the use of Adobe Reader, unless otherwise identified. Get Adobe Reader.

Additional help can be found at the Help for Instructors [Blackboard] site.

Best Practices

Online Exams: Strategies to Minimize Cheating (PDF)
This list provides a variety of ways to make your tests more secure.

Course Syllabus Templates
Whether you teach a face-to-face course or fully online, the syllabus is an essential tool for guiding students through the structure and requirements of your course.

How-To Guides

Add a Profile Photo (PDF)
Add your photo to your SacCT User Profile page. Your photo will display across different areas in SacCT where you and peers will interact.

Adding a Test Student (PDF)
Learn how to add a test student to each of your courses in SacCT 9.1.

Assigning Letter Grades (PDF)
Set your final letter grade column in SacCT and enable the grades to be imported into My Sac State (Faculty Center).

Assignments - Instructors (PDF)
Learn how to create online Assignments in SacCT for students to complete and turn in through your course.

Creating Extended-Time Tests (PDF)
Create copies of your tests that have a longer duration for students who require more time due to special needs (learning or physical disability).

Create a Turnitin Assignment (PDF)
Learn how to create a Turnitin assignment from your SacCT course.

Download Course Messages/Send Email Content (PDF)
Save individual course messages and attachments from SacCT and learn to locate messages sent via Send Email feature to your SacLink Email.

Download Discussion Posts (PDF)
Download posts from a discussion forum(s) and a summary of posts completed by student.

Download Individual Assignment Submissions (PDF)
Download individual assignment submissions from the grade center.

Downloading Student Assignment Submissions (PDF)
Download all student assignment submissions in batch from the grade center.

Download Test Results (PDF)
Download all test question responses to an excel spreadsheet and specific essay or short answer question responses as a PDF file for easier review.

Download Your Grade Center (PDF)
Download full grade center columns and scores to an excel spreadsheet.

Export or Archive Your Course (PDF)
This process creates a backup of your course, in a zip file format, that you can save to your computer. The exported course or archive can later be imported to SacCT.

Export/Import Tests Between SacCT Courses (PDF)
Copy tests, surveys or question pools between courses using the Export/Import option in SacCT 9.1. You can also use the Export/Import option to share assessments with other course instructors. NOTE: Tests with Question Sets are currently not imported properly - please use Respondus instead.

Global Navigation Menu (PDF)
Short descriptions about each feature icon in the Global Navigation menu.

Grade Center - Categories (PDF)
Categories provide an option to organize grade center columns into specific sets. These categories are required in grade center calculations such as dropping a low score and are used to create calculated columns like Weighted or Total.

Grade Center - Creating Columns (PDF)
There are three main types of columns in the grade center: columns that are created manually, calculated columns and columns that are automatically created by SacCT. Learn how to create these types of columns in your grade center.

Grade Center - Dropping Scores (PDF)
Learn how to drop scores from a set of items in the grade center.

Grade Center - Histories (PDF)
The Grade Center keeps a consecutively history of every grade and every change. The history shows who did the change and when.

Grade Center - Grading Periods (PDF)
Grading Periods are a way to organize your columns into manageable periods if you have numerous grading columns.

Grade Center - Manage Columns (PDF)
Keep your grade center organized. This guide will introduce you to the Column Organization feature in the grade center where you can re-order and hide/show columns.

Grade Center - Text Columns (PDF)
Create a column that contains non-grade information.

Grade Center - Upload/Download Grades (PDF)
Upload or download grades to/from the Grade Center.

Groups - Create a Group Discussion (PDF)
Learn how to setup a private discussion area for group members to post to.

Import an Archived Course (PDF)
An alternative course copy process. Copy a course from a previous semester to a current course, using the export and import feature in SacCT.

Import a Course Package (PDF)
Use this process to import a course that you have exported or archived.

Integrating Library Resources
Add library articles to your SacCT courses.

Large Exams (PDF)
Follow these recommended steps to split your large exams (over 50 questions) into smaller exams in your SacCT courses.

Learning Modules in Migrated SacCT/Blackboard Courses (PDF)
Follow the steps in this short guide to ensure students can view learning modules in a migrated course.

Notifications Dashboard - For Instructors (PDF)
See all the "Needs Grading" items (tests, homework, etc.) from all your courses in one convenient list without always having to check each course.

Retention Center (PDF)
Identify and notify students who may be falling behind in class.

Rubrics (PDF)
Instructors may use rubrics to explain the evaluation process to students. Associate rubrics with blogs, wikis, discussion boards, assignments, short answers, essay questions in tests or pools, and even file responses.

SacCT: Enable Java Plugin (PDF)
Learn about the recent changes to the Java plugin on web browsers and how to enable it.

SacCT: Viewing Flash Content in Firefox Browser (PDF)
Recent changes to Firefox browser disables the automatic playback of Flash content. This guide provides examples of affected content and workaround to playback Flash video.

Save Blog Entries (PDF)
Save individual student blog entries or all student blog entries on one page as a PDF file. 

Save Journal Entries (PDF)
ave individual student Journal Entries as a PDF file

Save Wiki Content (PDF)
Save Wiki pages and student wiki contribution information as a PDF file.

Training Manuals

Respondus: Creating Tests for SacCT (PDF)
Use Respondus to convert a single quiz or exam from WebCT to Blackboard, and then upload that new test to SacCT.

  • NOTE: If you use Repondus to connect to SacCT from off-campus, you need to first use SacVPN to connect to the campus network. See instructions at the SacVPN site.

Respondus LockDown Browser for SacCT
Start here to use Respondus LockDown Browser to secure online tests.

SacCT: Quick Start (PDF)
Learn how to get started creating a SacCT course. Become familiar with the SacCT interface, learn how to add and manage content and how to use key tools in a course.

SacCT: Communicate & Collaborate (PDF)
Learn how to use several SacCT communication tools which include: Messages, Send Email, Announcements, Calendar, Discussion Board and Blogs.

SacCT: Online Tests (PDF)
Learn the basics for creating a test and survey.


Last updated: November 13, 2015