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Below is a summary of the major updates for the latest version of SacCT (Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 12).
A complete list of updates can be found at the What's New in Blackboard Learn page for instructors.

New Features


  • Inline Assignment Grading allows instructors to view attachments in the browser and make annotations instead of downloading them. Late submissions are marked as Late in Needs Grading and when viewing attempts in the Full Grade Center. More available at the Grading Assignments webpage.


  • Significant enhancements to Calendar allows you to view color coded calendars from courses and personal events in a single view.
  • Due Dates for Assignments, Discussions, and Tests automatically appear in course calendar.

Content Collection

  • Content can now be added directly into the Content Collection area (a course or your private My Content area) and then shared with multiple courses.  This allows instructors to have a single copy of a file in one place, yet give access to it from multiple courses.

Global Learning Network

  • The Global Learning Network area allows students to connect and collaborate with others within the institution in various ways. 
  • Students can set up a profile to create an online identity for others to view and connect with. 
  • The People tool can be used to find and connect with others within courses and throughout the institution. 
  • Aside from course messages and email, students can use the Message tool to quickly send messages to others. 
  • Spaces can be used for students to communicate and collaborate with common interests such as a group project or social club.

Global Navigation


Publisher Content

  • In addition to McGraw-Hill, you can now link to additional publishers' content directly from your courses: Cengage Learning, Pearson's MyLab and WileyPLUS.

Quick Links

Retention Center

  • An instructor-only tool that replaces the Early Warning System, the Retention Center gives focused attention to students who need it.

Tests and Surveys

Updates and Fixes


  • Accessibility features in areas such as reading threads, test availability exceptions, and content editor math formulas have been improved.

Browser Support

  • Browser support has been improved to work better with the latest browsers.

Content Editor Math Formulas


  • The discussions user interface has been updated in two primary ways: the thread detail page is now easier to read; and you can now require students to first post to a forum before they can see other students' posts.

Grade Center

  • Only graded columns appear in My Grades for students. If there is no grade or attempt for a student for that column, the column does not appear for that student.
  • New icons for activity for each student, e.g. 'Attempt in Progress' and 'Needs Grading.'
  • Columns appear to students by date grade entered and NOT in the order instructors see in the Grade Center.


  • Messages now appear in the new My Blackboard tool - just click your name in the upper right corner.
  • Within each course, the new name for this tool is 'Course Messages.'
  • Users can now attach files when replying to messages.


  • Copying tests now properly puts the actual points possible in the new Grade Center column instead of zero.
  • When selecting 'Grade by Question', essay and short answer questions no longer display HTML tags in student responses.
  • Adding a Due Date to a test automatically adds a calendar entry for the course.  Instructors can edit a test from the calendar entry.

Web Links

  • Links to external websites in a Content Area now open in a new window.

Last updated: August 30, 2013