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When a course is migrated from SacCT to SacCT 9.1 the student information IS NOT migrated. If you want to preserve student information from an old SacCT course (e.g. assignments and assessments submitted, email messages, discussion posts), please follow the steps below.

  1. Migrate course from SacCT to SacCT 9.1.
  2. Export Grade Book (SacCT) to spreadsheet (CSV file)
    1. If needed, you can export 'Unenrolled Member Data' from SacCT if these users are displayed before the export is run.
  3. Give list of users and SacLink IDs to SacCT 9.1 administrator to import to your SacCT 9.1 course.
    1. Open exported Grade Book (SacCT) spreadsheet in Excel, then save as new file.
    2. Delete all information except Last Name, First Name, and User ID columns.
    3. Send new file to with instructions to add users to your migrated SacCT 9.1 course.
    4. Only users with current SacLink IDs are added to SacCT 9.1 course.
  4. After users are added to your SacCT 9.1 course, go to Users and Groups > Users, and change the roles of specific users as needed to "instructor" or "teaching assistant."
  5. Export Full Grade Center (SacCT 9.1) to spreadsheet (CSV) via Work Offline > Download.
  6. Copy values from Grade Book spreadsheet into Grade Center spreadsheet.
    1. Open exported Grade Center (SacCT 9.1) spreadsheet in Excel
    2. Open exported Grade Book (SacCT) spreadsheet in Excel
    3. Copy content for each user (row) in the Grade Book (SacCT) spreadsheet.
    4. Paste into corresponding rows in Grade Center (SacCT 9.1) spreadsheet in Excel. You MUST leave first row (column names) as is.
    5. Continue copy/paste for all users.
    6. Save Grade Center (SacCT 9.1) spreadsheet.
  7. Import the Grade Center (SacCT 9.1) spreadsheet into your SacCT 9.1 course to add values (from Work Offline > Upload)
  8. Verify data is imported correctly for each user.
  9. Adjust formulas for calculated (total) columns in Full Grade Center, if needed
  10. Review and adjust/create Rubrics (SacCT 9.1), if you used Grading Forms (SacCT).
  11. Adjust groups and group membership in Groups (SacCT 9.1), if needed
  12. Review Adaptive Release (SacCT 9.1) rules for content, learning modules, assessments, etc., if needed
  13. Check Discussion forums (SacCT 9.1) since first message in each thread is moved and marked as posted by "anonymous." Delete messages as needed.
  14. If groups had discussion topic(s) in SacCT, these need to be recreated in SacCT 9.1 for each group. In SacCT 9.1:
    1. Delete the imported group forums from the Discussions tool.
    2. Edit each group from the Groups tool and check the boxes for any tool you want to use for the group in Tool Availability area (e.g. Discussion Board).
  15. To preserve old information from SacCT not exported to SacCT 9.1:
    1. Discussions: To keep messages, go to SacCT topic, expand all, select all, Create Printable View, then print to PDF or Save as File; To keep attachments, select Save as File above to get zip file of text in messages & attachments; then upload zip to SacCT 9.1 course via Files > Upload > Upload Package. Zip file is unzipped and the files are placed in the Files tool.
    2. Assessments, Assignments: Print to PDF historical student information, such as assignment and assessment submissions. You can also save attachments in assignments.
    3. Mail: Print to PDF any Mail messages.
    4. Tracking: Print to PDF any historical Tracking reports.


Last updated: February 1, 2013