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By submitting this request, you are asking us to crosslist multiple courses in one SacCT course. Use this form only once a semester for each SacCT course(s). Requests are reviewed and processed Monday through Friday, typically within 2-days (except weekends, holidays and peak request times).

Special content requests such as ePacks or reusing previously crosslisted courses can be indicated in the "comments" section at the bottom of this form.

Prior to this request, please activate each course section
by logging into SacCT Self Service

Instructor Contact Information
Crosslisted Course

You may combine multiple sections into one course by listing the sections under one course title or specify interdisciplinary courses.

If you are unsure about your Course Code, Course Number, or Section(s), please verify the information here before submitting the request.

[copy and paste exact title from your MySacCT page]

i.e., [CSC 135]

Specifiy the Course Code, Course Number, and Sections of any courses that should be crosslisted which are under a different department from the master course.

[i.e.: EDTE 10 Sec 01, HIST 17B Sec 2, RPTA 34 Sec 3 ]
Course Content

Please choose your preferred method of course content creation from the options below. Note: Student information will not be copied from an existing course.

[copy and paste exact title from your My SacCT page]

Last updated: December 14, 2015