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Quik Ref: SacCT Student Guide (pdf)
A short guide for new students to access SacCT.

SacCT: Online Assignments - Students (pdf)
Learn how to use the Assignments tool in SacCT to complete online assignments.

SacCT: Global Navigation Menu (pdf)
Short descriptions about each feature icon in the Global Navigation menu.

SacCT: Add a Profile Photo (pdf)
Add your photo to your SacCT User Profile page. Your photo will display across different areas in SacCT where you and peers will interact.

SacCT: Access & Track Grades (pdf)
Learn how to view your course grades from SacCT's global navigation menu and from within your specific course(s).

Notifications Dashboard - For Students (pdf)
See when new assignments, files, and communications appear for all your courses in one convenient location without always having to check each course.

SacCT: Taking Online Assessments (pdf)
Learn how to access and take an online assessment on SacCT and view results.


Last updated: September 9, 2013