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Additional help can be found on the Tutorials page and at the Help for Students [Blackboard] site.


Quik Ref: SacCT Student Guide (PDF)
A short guide for new students to access SacCT.

SacCT: Access & Track Grades (PDF)
Learn how to view your course grades from SacCT's global navigation menu and from within your specific course(s).

SacCT: Add a Profile Photo (PDF)
Add your photo to your SacCT User Profile page. Your photo will display across different areas in SacCT where you and peers will interact.

SacCT: Global Navigation Menu (PDF)
Short descriptions about each feature icon in the Global Navigation menu.

SacCT: Notifications Dashboard - For Students (PDF)
See when new assignments, files, and communications appear for all your courses in one convenient location without always having to check each course.

SacCT: Online Assignments - Students (PDF)
Learn how to use the Assignments tool in SacCT to complete online assignments.

Respondus LockDown Browser: Run Updates and Take an Exam (PDF)
If your instructors require the use of the LockDown Browser to take exams in your SacCT course, it is important that you keep this software up-to-date. Learn how to run updates and take an exam with the LockDown Browser.

SacCT: Taking Online Assessments (PDF)
Learn how to access and take an online assessment on SacCT and view results.

SacCT - Submit a Turnitin Assignment (PDF)
Learn how to access and submit a Turnitin Assignment from a SacCT course.

SacCT: Enable Java Plugin (PDF)
Learn about the recent changes to the Java plugin on web browsers and how to enable it.

SacCT: Viewing Flash Content in Firefox Browser (PDF)
Recent changes to Firefox browser disables the automatic playback of Flash content. This guide provides examples of affected content and workaround to playback Flash video.


Last updated: September 18, 2015